2 thoughts on “The True Face of Occupy Wall Street on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Communism? reborn? More like resurfacing. They have been swimming around the bottom of the pond forever. Communism usurps legitimate social movements (like those against racial prejudice) and illegitimate ones – like "occupy." They do best when society is in upheaval. And they seek that upheaval to move in.____As to our success and riches: these are from God, and given to us for our faithfulness to Him. It is not because we are exceptional. It is because we know God and seek Him, and obey Him. ____

  2. A Two Million Unity Rally Aimed at Gathering Together America’s Disenfranchised Middle Class, including labor unions, the unemployed, and progressive groups; to address various urgent issues afflicting them including: unemployment, anti-labor laws, women’s rights, gay rights, separation of church and state and fraudulent bank foreclosures, is currently in the planning stages by various power movements. If successful, this would be the largest rally in the history of the United States of America. The rally is being planned for October, before the 2012 elections. http://solidarityus.org

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