Dr. Jamie Glazov Exposes Unholy Alliance on CBN’s “Stakelbeck on Terror.”

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Frontpage editor joins freedom warrior Erick Stakelbeck to crystallize why progressives bow before Islamist monsters.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Jamie Glazov Exposes Unholy Alliance on CBN’s “Stakelbeck on Terror.””

  1. First political prisoner in the USA? But Jamie, you claim to know about us Canadians! What about our own Mark Emery who is a Canadian political prisoner of America?

    Just because radical left causes have put one guy in prison doesn’t make him the first. Radical right causes screwed this guy over first.

    By the way, I absolutely despise how you’re trying to relate the left to Islam. The point of Atheism is a lack of religion, and although I have Islamic friends in my personal life, I have far more Christians. Christians are the majority and insisting that Atheists get along better with Muslims than Christians is just incorrect because of that simple fact. I know far less about Islam than I do Christianity. Anybody living in our society is far more used to Catholic and Christian customs than Islamic ones.

    Lastly, secularists also tend to be humanists. You claim secularists share with atheists a hatred for humans? But humanism holds humans as the greatest thing on our planet, silly! I truly don’t think you’re trying to actually make an argument and win people to your side – I think you’re trying to offend people by insulting the titles they identify with.

    A humanist secular leftist atheist that is probably more conservative than you.

    P.S. Why do you use the word secularism like it’s a bad thing? Last I checked religious governance didn’t work out for any country ever.

  2. Hi Ryan, thanks for writing in! The issue is not that we are trying to push atheists out of the fight. They are most welcome.

    The issue is that our treasured values, and all of the freedom and liberty that come with them, stem directly from the Judeo-Christian tradition. As David Brog demonstrates in his masterpiece, and one of the most important books of our age, “In Defense of Faith: The Judeo-Christian Idea and the Struggle for Humanity,” http://frontpagemag.com/2010/jamie-glazov/in-defense-of-faith/ ….it is why Christians and Jews have together been at the forefront of the world’s greatest advances in human rights. The Judeo-Christian tradition has made invaluable contributions to our civilization; there wouldn’t be a notion of the individual and individual freedom without it. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence were based on it.

    Where do the atheist critics think the idea that all humans are of equal and of inestimable value comes from?

    In Putin’s Russia, for instance, the individual serves the state. The state does not serve the individual. That is why people can just be killed and imprisoned and not much is thought about it. Because the sacredness and notion of the individual does not exist. But it does in the West, due to a certain tradition the West is founded on. Once that tradition is eroded, and it is being eroded right before our eyes, our defense wall against Islamic supremacism will be utterly annihilated.

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