Putin’s Ruthless Power — An Ex-KGB Agent Speaks on The Glazov Gang

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ppOn this week’s Glazov Gang, Ex-KGB Agent Konstantin Preobraszhensky unveiled Putin’s Ruthless Power. He also tells a disturbing tale about The Betrayal of American POWs in Russia:

Don’t miss this week’s other BLOCKBUSTER episode with Mudar Zahran, a secular Palestinian Leader who admires and supports Israel. He daringly points to the Palestinian homeland in Jordan, denounces the Islamists and calls out the western media for being Israel haters and not caring about the Palestinians:

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  1. As usual, great information! Keep rockinJamie, for this country is in trouble. You have educated me in so many ways. My principles have always been has they are now, and I feel I’ve been informed. But you my brother, have given me so much more info, that I’ve been able to edify and shut down critics. I owe you brother. Mike

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