Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov on Hannity Tonight

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hnWatch Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov on Hannity’s Expert Audience Panel Tonight — Discussing “Muslims on the March.”

Friday, June 20, 2014 — 7PM PST | 10PM EST — FoxNews.

21 thoughts on “Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov on Hannity Tonight”

  1. Jamie did a fantastic job of rebutting the politically correct and illogical liberals on the panel. He did a great job of presenting the facts and exposing the tactics of the muslims and their liberal collaborators and enablers. He called it like it is and the liberals were fuming but left speechless. Islam is the problem, not “radical” islam, simply Islam and the muslims who follow it according to muhammad and his successors. Keep up the good work.

  2. Please put the video of the Hannity Show on internet,because I can`t recieve USA TV in Holland.
    Jamie,you are my hero.

  3. Where can I find the entire programme? Don’t you just love it when people try to talk over what another person is saying? That woman in red on the right side is a typical example of someone who cannot wait for the other person to have their say and tries to shout them down.
    Note that she thought she knew more about things than the woman who can speak Arabic!!

  4. Unfortunately Bridget Gabriel did not do herself any favours in the way she just kept shouting down the Muslim ‘lawyer’ . The woman coiuld not get a sentence out. I started to feel sorry for her! Even if you disagree strongly with someone you should allow them the right to reply, bullying tactics do not enhance your argument.

  5. The big lie of that show is its title “Radical Muslims on The March”.
    Hannity is an absolute fool and is doing the rest of us no favors: he simply will NOT accept that what the West is dealing with is NOT “radical” Islam but is actually Orthodox Islam, as written; amputations and all (as you pointed out 9:2, 9:29, the verse of the sword). His uniniformed and idiotic retort to the very knowledgeable Andrew Bostom made me so mad. And Tamara Holder (on your left)is as much a fool as is he.
    The public has got to be told that phrases like “radical Islam”, Muslim “extremists”, and “radicalized Muslims” are nonsensical and are only used by idiots like Hannity.

  6. I agree with the comments about Sean and much of Fox News. Their interviews full of softball questions make me wonder about them. But, as for Bridget Gabriel, she has gone toe to toe with that type for years. It is hard to give them a chance to say their piece when it has already been proven a lie. A religion that has the concept of taqua loses it’s right to call itself a religion and expect the protection our society gives religions.

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