Jamie Glazov vs. Michael Ghouse on the Roots of Jihad — on Hannity

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ppLast Friday night, Hannity’s Expert Audience Panel tackled the issue of “Radical Muslims on the March.” Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov appeared on the panel and went toe-to-toe with Muslim commentator Mike Ghouse on whether Islam is a problem in the terror war. [32:00 mark].

Jamie also defended Pamela Geller and Brigitte Gabriel from the slanders against them and called them heroes. [11:45 mark] Don’t miss it! And if you have time, watch the whole episode below!

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9 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov vs. Michael Ghouse on the Roots of Jihad — on Hannity”

  1. Thank you Jamie for taking your strong stand for Brigitte & Pamela! (I wonder if Ms Holder kept her head covered in her goodwill tour of a Muslim country)?

    I still ask the basic question: how much of the holy writings of Islam need to renounced to begin to approach being a “religion of peace?”

    After those edits are completed, what’s left to promote?

  2. we must break this wall of political correctness. There is no such thing as moderate in Islam. You are either in stealth mode or you are considered an Infidel

  3. The Holder woman said that the 100 girls kidnapped were Muslims. If they were Muslims already why then did BH parde them fater they had been ‘converted’? If they were Muslims why kidnap them anyway?
    The women is a fool.

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