Jamie Glazov Exposes Unholy Alliance on Hannity

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ppReprinted from WND.com.

Jamie Glazov of FrontPage Magazine has written eloquently about the threat of Islamic jihad in his books, “United in Hate” and “Showdown with Evil.”

He’s equally eloquent on camera, as he demonstrated in a recent appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

There, he took part in a discussion with Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, KT McFarland and others about the totalitarian movement that seeks to destroy Western civilization.

Also on the show was Michael Ghouse, a Muslim leader described by the Huffington Post as an advocate of pluralism.

At first, at the 11:45 mark, Glazov lays out in no uncertain terms his view of the threat:

“I’ve studied how sociopaths behave, how psychopaths behave. We see this in the unholy alliance right now with the left and Islam,” he said. “What they do is when this vicious ideology, the totalitarian ideology attacks us, and we’re victims, what these people do is make the perpetrators the victims and the victims the perpetrators. So heroes like Pamela Geller that made a memorial grove for … a 16-year-old Muslim girl … she stood up for the memory of a murdered honor killing victim and … thank you that you did that Pamela. “She’s called an Islamophobe. She’s called a hater. These are the heroes standing up for the victims of Islam,” Glazov said.

Then, at the 32:00 mark:

Here he said the U.S. is vulnerable with an “administration that brought the Muslim Brotherhood into the government.” The federal government, he said, has removed references to jihad from intelligence manuals “because the Muslim Brotherhood told us to.” “How can we defend ourselves when Nidal Hasan and that massacre at Fort Hood could have easily been prevented? “The fact is we can’t defend ourselves against this ideology,” Glazov said. “So many people are afraid to come forward because they’re called dangerous people. They’re called racists, Islamophobes. But we’re the ones on the side of the victims, including Muslims.”

Make sure to see the entire segment!

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