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Dear Fans of The Glazov Gang,

We recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $3,000 just to stay on the air. Because of your AWESOME love and support, we have already reached that goal! To you, our fans and supporters, we are eternally grateful.

Now that we are back on our feet,  we need to raise $30,000 to keep the show going for a year. With the incredible help and generosity we have just received to bring us back to life, we are very optimistic that this goal can be reached!

Supporters can now donate directly to The Glazov Gang‘s PayPal account or also to our Kickstarter campaign.

And during this time and with your ongoing support, we are building our viewer market and advertising vehicles to solidify our base so that The Glazov Gang runs endlessly!

Please make a donation of whatever amount you can so that The Glazov Gang can continue to get the message out that the Left and Muslim Brotherhood front groups are disallowing our media and culture to even whisper or contemplate.

It is a message that the general public craves.

A donation to keep The Glazov Gang fighting for our liberties in the trenches will be so cherished and appreciated. Help us to defend America, the free world, Israel and the Jewish people.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

With gratitude,

Jamie Glazov.

Donate to The Glazov Gang through Pay Pal or its Kickstarter campaign.


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And don’t miss the BLOCKBUSTER episode with Geert Wilders, which won (in a tie with the Dinesh D’Souza episode) the Glazov Gang’s 2014 Episode of The Year Award:

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5 thoughts on “Save The Glazov Gang!”

  1. Dear readers,

    As a dutchman who is proud of his herritage, i must point out that Geert Wilders is right about fighting against the Islamisation worldwide, but he is in no way actually doing anything for the netherlands. He is right about being anti-islam but he should also as a representative of a dutch party that is elected by a huge amount of people in the netherlands, do MORE for the dutch people. That is his initial job and not to fly over the entire world spreading the anti-islam word but fight against the destruction of our own country regarding health insurance problems, elderly people, taxes ect. He should Fight against that first as a elected political party leader!

    To say it in a short way: Geert Wilders, do something for your own people and not for the world. The Dutch need your help more than others! Get your ass back in Den Hague and start making a difference

  2. I agree, Wilders should be more concerned first about the netherlands and it’s internal problems regarding healthcare, the high taxes, unemployment ect. We as dutch people see him ranting in the dutch parlement, but he hasn’t come up with clear sollutions and has never started campaigns to get these ideas through the dutch parlement.
    As we say in the netherlands, he has heard the bells ring but still has to find out where the bells are!

    Geert Wilders, if you read this, be more serious about your country’s internal problems and show some respect to your voters! They haven’t voted for you because there where no other choices! They want things to change! And you are the only one who can show the other politicians that they are wrong but you Have to do it and that doesn’t just mean giving a political rant every once in a while! That means that you have to put your money where your mouth is and work to get changes done

  3. I am a Dutch republican and I support Geert Wilders Capital Economics plan to exit the Euro, the European parliament and the Schengen treaty and return to the Dutch guilder. C-E calculated an additional increase of 10 % GDP every year from 2035. Secondly it is absolutely vital that Geert Wilders continues with Clare Lopez, Fred Fleitz, Beth van Duyne and so many others international battle for the West’s freedom attending manifestations of Pegida in Dresden, associated parties like FPO in Vienna and front National of Marine le Pen in Lyon etc .
    In the Netherlands Geert Wilders succesfully fights for the Dutch people with his colleagues of his Freedom Party (Partij voor de Vrijheid) in the Dutch Parliament like frm senator Machiel de Graaf, Martin Bosma and his entire Freedom Party’s fraction.
    A poll today shows Geert Wilders Freedom Party turns out the biggest once again.

  4. Hey Dutch people #1 and #2 above, your comments are short sighted and rather isolationist. We in Western Civ need to stick together and work together and yes sacrifice to prevent another wordwide catastrophe. It just so happens that you have one of the few leaders on the planet with the guts & brains to speak out and educate and inspire. Sorry but you need to share him and you should support his every step and take up the slack for him when necessary — tho I sincerely doubt Mr. Wilders has ever neglected his duties for a second. You ought to be very proud of your Geert Wilders!

    So buck up and join forces with us… things are going to get much worse before they get better. We need the spirit of Miep Gies in this fight against the forces of Islamonazis and the worldwide fascist Left… it is recent history repeating itself and it’s our turn to fight just like our grandparents & great grandparents did, not very long ago.

    Jamie, I just joined your Kickstart team and could not be more pleased or proud. Your first goal is almost met already, no surprise. Please be strong, keep calm and carry on!

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