Jamie Glazov Moment: A Muslim With a Cleaver — and Islam

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses A Muslim With a Cleaver — and Islam, analyzing whether Alaa Abu Jamal really murdered Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky because of Jewish settlements.

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3 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment: A Muslim With a Cleaver — and Islam”

  1. I am recalling that Rush Limbaugh said several months ago that the most expensive commodity in the world is ignorance because it costs so much.

    And still, several days after the torching of Joseph’s tomb I have not heard one news commentator describe correctly which Joseph and the tremendous importance of him in Israelite and Jewish history. The blind leading the blind into what is becoming a very very big ditch as the USA appears to be “ditching” modern day Judah. (“Ditching” in the sense of what we used to do as kids: a group suddenly and inexplicably running away from or disappearing from a group member. Ditching them. Or ditching one friend to be with another.)

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