New Jamie Glazov Moment: The Left’s “You Hate Muslims” Charade

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on The Left’s “You Hate Muslims” Charade, unveiling the lies that leftists need to believe about Counter-Jihadists to serve their own narcissistic needs.

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14 thoughts on “New Jamie Glazov Moment: The Left’s “You Hate Muslims” Charade”

  1. Hello!

    I don’t know why you’re bothering with caveating your opinion with “I have Muslim friends”. The Left doesn’t care, and apology is essentially an admission of guilt. Just tell the truth.

  2. Good description of the narcissistic base that is the bedrock of leftism, and truly how empty of thought its followers are with either Islam or much of anything else. Thanks.

  3. While following the aftermath and “reporting”, for several hours last night and this morning, about the Paris attack, I did not see a single interview of any witnesses or survivor that expressed anger. However, I remember an interview this morning with an English speaker, a Paris resident, who actually witnessed murders inside the Cafe that was attacked. He was very calm, articulate and coherent. What was interesting is that he stated he was going to volunteer to go to a Psychologist as soon as he could to undergo therapy to “process seeing people murdered in front of me.” Carnage to the max and this European/maybe American was more concerned about me, me, me. “I know I’ll need therapy.”


    1. Yes Jamie, the lies and blindness are hard, if not impossible, to defeat. I’m here in Paris, and hundreds of victims later since Charlie Hebdo, the saga of denial continues. A French radio station I listen to keeps replaying a vox pop they did earlier in the day with a muslim screeming into the mic: “Ce sont pas de muselmans .. c’est pas l’Islam!”. (These [the terrorists] are not muslims .. this is not Islam!).
      You think just one of those journalists interviewing people in this day and age would bother familiarizing him/herself with muslim theology? So they can cite perhaps just one sura like Qu’ran 8:59-60 (“And let not those who disbelieve think they will escape … prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah”) and then ask the question: Isn’t this Islam?

      Instead, this secular muslim, who obviously doesn’t know his holy book, again, is called a ‘moderate’. Moderate what? Like you’d call a Catholic a ‘moderate’ who’s never looked inside a Bible?
      Total ignorance after 15 years of ‘war on terror’ – only a pervasive, leftist, evil spirit of deception could achieve such a feat! Academia, politicians, media and other ‘politically correct’ sectors of society .. everyone turning a blind eye to the obvious!

      As for Ms Merkel, the German chancellor who is busy islamizing, dividing and destroying Germany, her latest ‘hope’, I read today, is that all these radicals they’ve let in will be ‘infused with German values’ so they can return to their countries and help foster democracy there! Leaves you speechless … Another attempt at bringing democracy where it doesn’t belong. She must have missed the entire Bush era!

  4. Paris terror attacks kill 127; Daniel Pipes has accurately described the end result:

    The murder of some 127 innocents in Paris by a jihadi gang on Friday has again shocked the French and led to another round of solidarity, soul searching, and anger. In the end, however, Islamist violence against Westerners boils down to two questions: How much will this latest atrocity turn public opinion? And how much will it further spur the Establishment to deny reality?
    As these questions suggest, the people and the professionals are moving in opposite directions, the former to the right, the latter to the left. In the end, this clash much reduces the impact of such events on policy.
    Public opinion moves against Islamists specifically and Islam more generally when the number of deaths are large enough. America’s three thousand dead on 9/11 stands out as by far the largest mortality but many other countries have had their equivalent – the Bali bombings for Australia, the railroad bombing for Spain, the Beslan school massacre for Russia, the transportation bombings for Britain.
    Sheer numbers are not the only consideration. Other factors can multiply the impact of an assault, making it almost the political equivalent of mass carnage: (1) The renown of those attacked, such as Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands and the Charlie Hebdo office in France. (2) The professional status of the victim, such as soldiers or police. (3) High-profile circumstances, such as the Boston Marathon bombing.
    In addition to the over 27,000 attacks globally connected to Islam since 9/11, or more than 5 per day (as counted by, a huge increase in illegal immigration from the Middle East recently exacerbated feelings of vulnerability and fear. It’s a one-way street, with not a single soul ever heard to announce, “I used to worry about Islamism but I don’t any more.”
    These cases make more Westerners worried about Islam and related topics from the building of minarets to female infibulation. Overall, a relentless march rightwards is underway. Surveys of European attitudes show 60 to 70 percent of voters expressing these concerns. Populist individuals like Geert Wilders of the Netherlands and parties like the Sweden Democrats are surging in the polls.
    But when it comes to the Establishment – politicians, the police, the press, and the professors – the unrelenting violence has a contrary effect. Those charged with interpreting the attacks live in a bubble of public denial (what they say privately is another matter) in which they feel compelled to pretend that Islam has no role in the violence, out of concern that to recognize it would cause even more problems.
    These 4-P professionals bald-facedly feign belief in a mysterious “violent extremist” virus that seems to afflict only Muslims, prompting them to engage in random acts of barbaric violence. Of the many preposterous statements by politicians, my all-time favorite is what Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont, said about the Charlie Hebdo jihadis: “They’re about as Muslim as I am.”
    This defiance of common sense has survived each atrocity and I predict that it will also outlast the Paris massacre. Only a truly massive loss of life, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands, will force the professionals to back off their deeply ingrained pattern of denying an Islamic component in the spate of attacks.
    That pattern has the very consequential effect of shutting out the fears of ordinary voters, whose views thereby have negligible impact on policy. Worries about Shari’a, rape gangs, exotic diseases, and bloodbaths are dismissed with charges of “racism” and “Islamophobia,” as though name-calling addresses these real issues.
    More surprising yet, the professionals respond to the public’s move to the right by themselves moving to the left, encouraging more immigration from the Middle East, instituting more “hate speech” codes to suppress criticism of Islam, and providing more patronage to Islamists. This pattern affects not just Establishment figures of the Left but more strikingly also of the Right (such as Angela Merkel of Germany); only Eastern European leaders such as Hungary’s Viktor Orbán permit themselves to speak honestly about the real problems.

    Viktor Orbán’s Hungary may not last long in the EU. Or maybe he is the group’s future leader?
    Eventually, to be sure, voters’ views will make themselves heard, but decades later and more weakly than democratically should have been the case.
    Placing the murderous rampage in Paris into this context: it will likely move public sentiments substantially in one direction and Establishment policies in quite the opposite way, therefore ultimately having only a limited impact.

  5. “getting rid of the false narrative”

    Excellent, Jamie. That explains it perfectly. This is why it is so difficult and frustrating to have a reasoned discussion with those on the Left (or even many liberals). They really are the moral degenerates of our time. Only a radical transformation of the heart is going to open their eyes.

  6. Right on brother!

    Don’t let the leftist liars get you on the defensive.


    Ask them why they hate women, gays, Hundus, etc.

    Get them on the defensive.

  7. I used to think: “It’s Islam that’s evil, I’ve nothing against individual Muslims”. But later I realised this was like saying: “It’s fascism that’s evil, I’ve got nothing against individual Nazis.”
    I remain fundamentally wary of anyone who believes this claptrap nonsense that is Islam.

  8. Jamie, as to the woman in your neighborhood who thought you had so much hatred in your heart, the communists had (have) a term that applies to her: useful idiot.

    As to Muslims and jihad: I believe any Muslim who knows and reads the Koran and the Hadiths and goes to the mosque and listen to the imams preach can quite easily become a violent jihadist. Remember, they are taught and believe that if they die in the furtherance of the primary fundamental dictate of Islam–convert or kill all non-Muslims–that they will go straight to Heaven, do not pass Go.

  9. Islam in not a peaceful religion! It never has been! For all of you that think that it is, I dare you to reaserch Islam. Go ahead just be prepared for what you learn. Mohammed was a horrible person who shed more blood and sinned more than any corrupt politician could dream of doing! Look at the countries that are Muslim. See anything great? They have no tolerance for people of other faiths. They either kill them or make them pay a tax for not being a Muslim. Can you imagine if Americans did that? Their holy book is full of violence and encourages holy war. This is why the terrorists will always be fighting, trying to dominate the world is the ultimate goal. Wake up world and stop pretending like this is a real peaceful religion. This really isn’t a religion of God. What God would ever say any of this is ok?

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