Robert Spencer Moment: House Democrats Go to War Against Free Speech

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents The Robert Spencer Moment  with Robert Spencer, the Director of and the author of the new book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS.

Robert discussed: House Democrats Go to War Against Free Speech, unveiling why H. Res. 569 is so dangerous.

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And make sure to watch the very special Robert Spencer Moment: The Criminalization of Dissent, in which Robert reveals how those who reject establishment views are coming under increased law enforcement scrutiny.

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4 thoughts on “Robert Spencer Moment: House Democrats Go to War Against Free Speech”

  1. Thank you Robert; thank you Anni; thank you James. May God continue to bless you and our nation, as He has in the past, with the right and the ability to tell people what you and I believe is the truth. And God continue to protect you from all harm and danger from people who don’t want to read or hear the truth concerning the doctrine and the evil ways of Islam or other matters such as Obama’s leanings toward the Muslim Brotherhood .

  2. I was a Democrat voting for Democratic candidates for 28 years. But the Democratic Party has been hijacked by Mr. Obama bin Laden, who has twisted everything around to support his beloved Islam. If you do not believe this, just listen to some of his speeches in which he admits to being a Muslim, his heart is with the Muslims, he loves the sounds of morning prayers, praises the Islamic religion and its accomplishments, etc., etc., Now the House of Representatives is taking up a measure to make any negative speech about Islam classified as hate speech. No mention of any other religion as being the subject of “hate” speech. Only Islam. This is supported only by Democrats, including Keith Ellison, a Representative from Minnesota who is a Muslim. Two Muslims in Congress. The Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot by becoming a supporter of the Islamic Religion, also joined by Hillary who says “terrorism has nothing to do with Islam” and saying “radical Islam is an insult to Islam.” The mere fact that over 27,000 terrorist crimes have been perpetrated by Islam is merely coincidence. What a coincidence!

    1. I don’t fully understand this resolution 569. Does it mean to say that Islam can practice their brand of “hate speech” on every one else? Are they somehow immune to practicing “hate speech” or ‘hate actions’ on the American Public?

      If so, these House Democrats aren’t just going to war against “free speech” or the first amendment. They’re going to war against the American People, those who have elected them to hold that office…what makes the House Democrats give non-American’s rights, while take away the ‘rights’ of the American People?

      I don’t see how H. Res. 569 can stand with honest elections.

      1. In my 2nd paragraph, last sentence; I should have said: “while taking away the ‘rights’ of the largest populace, which is the American People.”

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