Tommy Robinson Victory!

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thWe are ecstatic to announce that Team Tommy’s effort to help Tommy Robinson get a top legal team has ended in success!

Tommy won his day in court on April 14 when the judge dismissed the charge of “battery” against him and also questioned the police’s motives.

We would like to extend our eternal appreciation to all the wonderful and generous supporters who reached out to Team Tommy and helped liberate him.

Watch Tommy’s statement below after he walked free from court and explained where the situation stands now — and how it is clear that the state wants him dead:

And make sure to watch The Glazov Gang‘s special 2-part series with Tommy.

In Part I, he discusses his new memoir, Enemy of the State. In Part II, he focuses on Rotting in Solitary, sharing the excruciating ordeal he has endured in the UK prison system.

Don’t miss it!

Part I:

Part II:


13 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Victory!”

  1. Brilliant News and a brilliant initiative. Just goes to show that we can fight back when we unite, and we can win. Tommy has for the first time been backed up by the people………And he had a victory ????. Thats not an accident. Through courage and determination (and the vital help of other truth tellers and good people) he has managed to get his message out.

    There is a change underway I think. The internet and social media are critical. The TRUTH is breaking through the concrete wall the political elite have erected to keep the people in the dark. We are listening to Jamie Glazov, Tommy Robinson, Robert Spencer,Pamela Geller, Mark Steyn, Douglas Murray and others. I sense that people are also prepared to speak out and tell the truth in their own social circles and at work too. The truth tellers are giving us the knowledge and confidence to question and speak out against the dark forces. God bless you Jamie and the Glazov gang team, and all you people who speak out despite intimidation. God bless those who are donating.

    Let’s unite together across the world and fight……TO WIN.

    1. If you had listened (only) to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, you would know nothing of Tommy’s recent legal problems. Shameful on their parts.

  2. Hi Tommy, News of your victory has hit the US through “ACT for America”, an Islamic awareness organization. The US has been drifting towards the mire you found yourself in. Thanks to your inspirational story, more people are waking up the Governmental facade.

  3. Just toasting your victory Tommy! great news indeed, money talks eh! (and the truth) long may it flow into your fund (think you’re going to need it as a buffer) When I come up on the lottery I’ll help you big time I promise!

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