Michael Cutler Moment: Obama’s Pathway to the “Borderless World”

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents The Michael Cutler Moment with Michael Cutler, a former Senior INS Special Agent.

Mr. Cutler discussed Obama’s Pathway to the “Borderless World,” unveiling how the Radical-in-Chief is opening America to Islamic terrorists and transnational criminals.

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And make sure to watch Mr. Cutler discuss Sleeper Cells in America, analyzing the immigration component of the threat — and what our government isn’t doing about it:

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3 thoughts on “Michael Cutler Moment: Obama’s Pathway to the “Borderless World””

  1. This should be heard by everyone! For Kerry to state that the world is going to become open borders is frightening to one who is supposed to uphold our constitution!

  2. thank you Mr. Cutler. the fact that Trump is not a politician working for wealthy special interests, but for the American people is what this country needs.

  3. From a 2013 CNN Money article, ‘Teresa Heinz not a big winner in Buffett deal’ — “Opensecrets.org estimated that Kerry’s net worth was between $184 million and $288 million in 2011. At the time, he was the wealthiest member of the Senate.

    I am so sick of these wealthy elite that seem to make it their full-time hobby undermining the foundations of America. And where do they get the idea that their own houses and lives don’t stink to the extent that they can meddle in detail with the lives of hundreds of millions of other? People that do that are not truly “educated”. The wise know that when you l;eave a door unlocked, it’s only a matter of time before a thief, or worse, will turn the handle. Same for a nation’s borders. Note how even the poorest of neighborhoods and countries become targets and eventual abodes of despots and thieves, whether it’s Somalia or Chicago.

    Good luck Mr. Kerry on your “Borderless World”, where the thief and murderer in one place is a hero in another. And the Priest, Rabbi, and Imam in so many are infidels in others. And just exactly who is going to be the “police”?

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