Jamie Glazov Moment: Trump and A Good Joke About Political Murder

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Trump and A Good Joke About Political Murder, analyzing why it’s only okay to joke about killing Republicans. (The video is inspired by Daniel Greenfield‘s article HERE).

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And make sure you watch the special Jamie Glazov Moment in which Jamie focused on Why a Refugee Stabbed a Belgian Priest, wondering if the “asylum seeker” would have even bothered reading the Qur’an if he had a job in the first place.

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One thought on “Jamie Glazov Moment: Trump and A Good Joke About Political Murder”

  1. Yeah let them do that to Hillary time wouldn’t be allowed!!! They are idiots all these people that are rioting needs to be jailed and make them work and pay for everything that they have destroyed!!!! Our country needs to come together and be 1 nation under God that’s what is wrong with this country a lot of people don’t have God in their hearts they believe the scientific and when this world ends I feel sorry for them because there will b judgement day in the end I know I’m going to be with God!! People wake up stop all this need to do your homework. Democrarats you need to learn your History if you know what Democrat stands for they stood for the KKK they stood for keeping slavery among a lot of other bad things I was raised as a Democrat but once I learned what they stood for I went for the best person who is going to be good for the American people!! Not Democrats nor Republican but for the person I think all politicians are crooked but I do think Donald Trump will be great for us a do our country!! People that are being paid by Sonos and the Democrats need to stop it get are real job!! When President Trump gets in Whitehouse he needs to make you all pay everything back that you all have tore up or burned fine you Arellano put u in jail !!! For the ones burning our flag you can be kicked. Out of our country because evidently you do not respect our country I was taught to never burn our Flag!!! It’s crazy Americans must stop all this crap

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