2 thoughts on “Anni Cyrus on Faith Goldy’s “On The Hunt” Discussing “Sharia USA””

  1. You pretend to be very unaware of your own self-conflicting statements above, and then go out of your way to label others who don’t agree with you as “stupid”. It’s a clever tactic, I suppose.

    If a legally binding agreement is needed, then the laws of the region, whether federal, state, county, etc., should prevail against any other competing man-made legal structure such as the Sharia, and which are based upon religious superstition and outdated human custom.

    Without a single legal system which applies equally and protects all equally and represents all equally, any accommodation for the Sharia as you suggest asserts that Islam denies equality while it attempts to supersede the existing legal system.

    In fairness society would be compelled to accept any form of legal system devised by any group; from “the mob”, the Black Panthers, to free-love hippie communes, because “This is what group-X are asking, to make that binding.”

    Whether or not Sharia becomes the law of the land is irrelevant to the question. There is and can only be one system of law. In the West this is largely formed by, and with the consent of, the individuals governed.

    And at this point relatively very few individuals in the West believe that killing someone for leaving Islam or blaspheming Mohammad is justified. This indicates that it isn’t Sharia that you’re asking for, as what you’re really seeking is legal superiority via special privilege.

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