Jamie Glazov Moment: The Heart of Leftist Darkness

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses The Heart of Leftist Darkness, analyzing when admitting the threat of Jihad just costs you too much with your “friends”. 

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3 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment: The Heart of Leftist Darkness”

  1. YEs, and this is all in the nature of political power : that domain of endeavor which seeks to acquire power by discriminating between allies and enemies.
    That’s all it is, ever has been or ever will be.
    There is power tethered to responsibility and then, there is power untethered to anything but egos.
    Both sides claim to be responsible, but notice which one never takes responsibility for its failures but uses its failures only to blame the other side and acquire more power.
    And answer for the Left is always to acquire more power, the universal antidote for failure driven by empty personalities which will never be sated, even when their entire political construct collapses.
    They never go away.
    They just try again because they really don’t know any better.
    Those who cannot be led by anyone but themselves make the worst leaders.
    Unfortunately, they can also look just like the real thing.
    And they will invoke violence to rule, just like anyone else, because that’s also part of power.
    It’s those who deny that fact who are the worst for abusing it.

  2. Dear Jamie,
    You hit the point on the head. The Bible wants us to fear God and not man. Leftists fear man and not God.
    I am proud to be your friend Jamie.


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