Top 10 Pathologies of Hillary’s Goons and Cry-Babies — an Anni Cyrus Video

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On this new special edition of Anni Cyrus’s “Top 10”, Anni unveils the Top 10 Pathologies of Hillary’s Goons and Cry-Babies, revealing where infantilism, narcissism and totalitarianism meet.

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And make sure to watch one of the most powerful episodes of Anni Cyrus’s “Top 10” in which Anni discusses Top 10 Acid Attack Victims in Iran, asking us to never forget them — and to reflect on the inhumanity that Islamic Law spawns toward women:

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Pathologies of Hillary’s Goons and Cry-Babies — an Anni Cyrus Video”

    1. Interesting and well done, led me to Ahmed the Clock Maker done by the same artist (which I am thinking could be you?)

  1. Hats off to you Anni for #10, explaining the difference between a Constitutional Republic Democracy and Democracy. Sadly too many of our young people are clueless when it comes to this.
    And worse we have Progressives like Obama intentionally misleading them, claiming America is a democracy .

  2. American Democrat Leftists including Leftists Jews have become fascists. Seeing no difference between voting and attacking others. Endangering America’s future. If we allow these illegal demonstrations and rioters to continue without stopping and not showing what they are doing is wrong. They will come back as Terrorists.

    The Muslim Brotherhood and George Soros are the big losers here and will take advantage of the situation and help the American Leftists. Reported to the FBI.

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