Jamie Glazov Moment: Soledad O’Brien’s Disgrace on Castro

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Soledad O’Brien’s Disgrace on Castro, unveiling the shame of arguing how there are Cubans who “like” a mass murderer.

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And make sure to watch Jamie focus on Steve Bannon, Keith Ellison and the Left’s Ugly Record on Anti-Semitism, revealing the slander of a noble hero who fights anti-Semitism – and the praise of a Brotherhood-linked Israel-hater.

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4 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment: Soledad O’Brien’s Disgrace on Castro”

    1. Dec. 4, 2016. LeeJai Cook, Co-World Ruler, Roaring Springs, Texas. Hello, Robin. Elijah, Co-World Ruler, has stated that he will abolish the religion of Islam. The implications of this action by Elijah are almost infinite !

  1. Liberal idiots like O’ Brien try to sound like an intellectual by saying stupid things like “it’s complicated”, indicating that those of us that disagree just aren’t smart enough to see the subtleties .

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