Glazov Gang’s 2016 Episode of The Year: Brigitte Gabriel on “What is Really Driving the Terrorists”

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This year’s Glazov Gang 2016 Episode of the Year Award goes to two special episodes — each of which captivated audiences around the world.

One of the winners was The Brigitte Gabriel Moment with Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of ACT for America. Brigitte discussed What is Really Driving the Terrorists, unveiling what really inspires Jihadists — and why Obama and the media don’t want you to know it.

We present this winning episode below. Congrats Brigitte!

The Glazov Gang team also extends special thanks to all of our guests, viewers and supporters and wishes all of them a happy, healthy and successful new year.

The other Glazov Gang 2016 episode award winner ran yesterday: a BLOCKBUSTER edition of Anni Cyrus’ feature “Top 10”, which focused on Top 10 Most Ridiculous Crimes and Punishments in Iran. In this episode, Anni unveiled the surreal, dark and barbaric world of the Islamic Republic. To watch it,  CLICK HERE.

And don’t miss the runner-up to this Glazov Gang 2016 Episode of the Year Award. The episode was the first of a 2-Part Series joined by Dr. Peter Hammond, the founder of Frontline Fellowship. He discussed Islam’s Hatred of Dogs and Cruelty to Animals, examining the Islamic theological foundations that inspire a hatred of and sadism toward animals. [For Part II , CLICK HERE.]

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4 thoughts on “Glazov Gang’s 2016 Episode of The Year: Brigitte Gabriel on “What is Really Driving the Terrorists””

  1. Thank you so much for all your information! Bless you for fighting the good fight, praying for our country to rise out its apathy, and realize EXACTLY what and whom we are fighting.

  2. currupt media and politions have failed the American people and all free countries of the world. But I have faith that freeminded people will eventually ignore the bullying hypcrocity of the currupt media, celebrities, and idiot politions who would want to silence our voices, and take away humans God given rights!

  3. Very sorry of the struggle you had to indore in throughtout your early life to gain the very freedoms people of the west take for granted.
    for political leaders to lie and coverup what many people like yourself had to risk your own existences for. We should be hearing more of your voices. Not the bias media we get from twist minded. (Fascist) liberal.

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