Mohajer vs. Greenfield on Trump’s Travel Restrictions — on The Glazov Gang

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In this new special edition of The Glazov Gang we host a debate between Alex Mohajer, a Huffington Post Writer and Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bros For America and Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at

Alex and Daniel went toe-to-toe on President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration, in which they tackled the issue of how to best fight terror, if Trump is legitimate in his approach, the nature of Islam, and much more.

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The two guests faced off about Taqiyya, if Muslims can take kafirs as friends, if Islamic verses inspire and sanction Islamic terror, and much more:

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9 thoughts on “Mohajer vs. Greenfield on Trump’s Travel Restrictions — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Alex M. might want to bone up on Islam. First, the percentage of Muslims who believe in violent jihad is not a small %. It is anywhere from 15 to 25% worldwide. According to a poll in the U.S., about 25% of young American Muslims believe in violent jihad. Violent jihadists believe all the world should be Islamic and are willing to die to advance that goal. Further, according to another poll, 51% of American Muslims believe that Shari’a law is superior to our Constitution and want to live under it. They are not compatible.

    Second, the struggle in Ireland was for the reunification of the north with the south. The religious overtones were a result of Catholics being discriminated against by Protestants in the north. The only country outside of Northern Ireland that really suffered from terrorist attacks was Great Britain because they were seen as the oppressor. Thus, what the IRA did and what the violent jihadists are doing are not even on the same scale and the ideology behind both aren’t even comparable.

    Third, Islamophobia, as you well know, was a word coined by the Muslim Brotherhood to stop the discussion on Islam so that the jihadist can advance their goal to bring Islam to the whole world. Calling people who don’t believe as he does Islamophobic does not advance the discussion. He is being hypocritical because he is creating the divide he supposedly wants to bridge.

    1. Hey there! To be sure, I had a great time and enjoyed debating Jamie and Daniel. That being said, I was invited onto the program to talk about Trump’s inauguration, not Islam. And just a final note, I never said that people who don’t agree with me are Islamophobic. I made a point to say that I didn’t think Mr. Glazov or Mr. Greenfield were islamaphobic. I said that it would be ignoring a reality to say that Mr. Trump did not appeal to islamphobes and white nativist protectionist portion of the electorate in making this campaign promise and subsequently acting on it.

  2. Muslim Refuges issue. We are talking about Muslim that murder, rape, torture, mutilation, slavery and genocide. Do you need photographs of it? I get them every week. They would disgust you. Rewarding many of those that have been involve with the Christian Geno cide in the Middle East is wrong!

  3. This guy Alex is not only very illogical he seems to be very uneducated on the subjects they are discussing. He is a good example of the type of writer/journalist that is spreading disinformation these days and the fact he writes for a leftist rag like the Huffington Post is a good indicator of his abilities. Next to the inimitable Daniel Greenfield he made a pathetic showing.

  4. He admits to not knowing Islam, yet hasn’t studied it to find out what Islam is about? Why? Because if he learns the truth about Islam, he won’t have any ground to stand on. Shill for the Left.

  5. Alex M mentioned at least twice that the travel restrictions were unconstitutional. How is that true? I think he could have been challenged on that statement.

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