Glazov Gang Standoff: Greenfield vs. Mohajer on “Is Hillary the Legitimate President?”

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In this new special edition of Glazov Gang Standoff, we host a debate between Alex Mohajer, a Huffington Post Writer and Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bros For America and Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at

Alex and Daniel face off on Is Hillary the Legitimate President?, dueling on whether it is Hillary that deserves to be in the White House. 

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And make sure to watch the earlier Glazov Gang Standoff between Alex and Daniel, where they went toe-to-toe on President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration, tackling  the issue of how to best fight terror, if Trump is legitimate in his approach, the nature of Islam, and much more:

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6 thoughts on “Glazov Gang Standoff: Greenfield vs. Mohajer on “Is Hillary the Legitimate President?””

  1. This is a terrific video in my opinion. We need more interviews like this which, although brief, is still more substantive than most interviews which just have exchanges of sound bites.

  2. I had a lot of problems with the idea of Hillary as President. First, she met for 3 days with some Muslims to try to find a way to circumvent our First Amendment so that UN Resolution 16/18 could be enforced in this country. Second, she wanted to eviscerate the Second Amendment by making guns difficult to own. Both actions show that she is a fascist at heart and has no respect for the Constitution.

    Further, she committed criminal acts with regard to her private e-mail server. The FBI used a legal fiction in order to not recommend an indictment. Comey confirmed that she had violated several federal laws but then said that she didn’t show intent. Unfortunately, for Comey the laws in question did not require the element of intent; thus, he should have recommended that the case be sent to a Grand Jury. The fact that he reopened the case when copies of her e-mails were found on Weiner’s computer was a responsible action and one that he would have been required to take under the law. Again, Hillary did break federal law. If the FBI had found even more evidence of her deceit then Comey would have been obligated to inform the Justice Dept. that legal action against her might have to be reconsidered.

    As for the supposed Russia hack of our elections, Wikileaks founder said that the info. that he published did not come from Russia. Our intelligence agencies have not supplied any proof, and the accusations that Trump had Russian interests has been shown to be totally baseless. But , in any case, what does it really matter. The DNC and Hillary were wholly to blame for what was revealed in those leaks. They showed that the DNC and Hillary would go to any lengths including encouraging voter fraud to get her elected. Some of what the DNC and Hillary tried to do was illegal; so sorry, but she deserved to lose.

    As for the Electoral College, it worked just as it was supposed to do. The College was established to protect against voter fraud–something for which the Dems. are famous–and also to prevent the minority from being subject to the tyranny of the majority. Since we are now seeing the tyranny that resides in the hearts of so-called Progressives, aka modern day Fascists, the wisdom of our Founding Fathers is becoming more and more apparent.

  3. Obama has done great damage to Israel in his last 8 years. Israel is the only country that stands between America and the full force of the Islamic Cultural War that has essentially conquered Europe and Britain. Entering them into a New Islamic Dark Ages with Islamic Sex Slavery for all women starting at 9 year-old girls.
    A strong Israel will help keep America safe.
    A simple way to strengthen Israel is to fund the Israel Longhorn Project at

  4. The eye roller again, he rolls his eyes like an over dramatic teenage girl, and frequently to the left. I believe that is an indication of lying according to psychologists

  5. This is the kind of fool I would expect to write for HuffPost. A miserable excuse for a news media. Daniel wipes the floor with him

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