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Dear Fans of The Glazov Gang,

We are so grateful to all of you for helping us to keep going. The Glazov Gang is, after all, a fan-generated show and it is only because of you that we are able to produce our programming.

Our life extension is now growing short and we are humbly asking you to help us proceed. Please support us through our GoFundMe campaign or you can donate directly to The Glazov Gang‘s Pay Pal account. [If you would like to write a check, contact Jamie for details:]

Below, please watch the special 3 minute video with Jamie Glazov, the show’s host, in which he explains why now is the moment to help the program that boldly tells the truth about the Left and Islamic Jihad that our media and culture simply won’t dare discuss.

Thank you, our dear fans, for your continued support!

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And make sure you haven’t missed our BLOCKBUSTER new Jamie Glazov Moment in which Jamie says: Thank you President Trump for Naming “Radical Islamic Terrorism” and unveils the dire urgency of knowing the enemy and making a threat assessment.

This is the kind of programming that can’t be found in our mainstream media, and that your support makes possible.

Thank you!

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One thought on “Please Help Keep The Glazov Gang Alive!”

  1. Have seen quite a few Glazov Gang shows on YouTube, but just found this website. Just saw one of your programs concerning a Hannity appearance. You mentioned that someone had objected to their leader that he deceived them. The reply was that they wanted to be deceived. This was interesting to me since I have some college educated liberal friends, but they seem totally ignorant about what is going on in the country. They want to hide behind name calling of islamaphobic instead of discussing issues. Maybe they just want to live blissfully in denial. After all, one of Allah’s names in the qua ran is the “Greatest deceiver”, and maybe they are happy being deceived. The greatest deceiver title fits satan well.

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