Glazov Gang: Can I Criticize Islam Without Fearing For My Life?

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia who is now valiantly fighting against the Islamization of the West — and of her new home country of Canada in particular. (Support Sandra on her Facebook Page HERE.)

Sandra came on the show to discuss Can I Criticize Islam Without Fearing For My Life?, sharing an inquiry she recently made at a Toronto mosque.

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And make sure to watch our special Glazov Gang Standoff episode with Saba Ahmed, the president of the Republican Muslim Coalition, and Shireen Qudosi, the Director of Muslim Matters at America Matters.

The two guests went toe-to-toe on Does Islam Need Reform? and the heated exchange touched on the Hijab, political Islam, the figure of Mohammed, what a real Muslim is, and much, much more:

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10 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Can I Criticize Islam Without Fearing For My Life?”

  1. Free speech is the thing that has been fought for since the Middle Ages and purchased with rivers of blood. We will not return backwards to the blasphemy laws of the Middle Ages. Everyone else has accepted that what is blasphemous to one is normal to another, but not Muslims.

    Muslims want us to humour the fact that they remain STUCK in the Middle Ages. We should not humour them.

    1. Stop sharia law courts in Canada.
      Extract reads: “We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to propose an amendment to the Constitution Act of 1982, under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, stating that Sharia Law or separate Sharia family courts will never have a place in the Canadian
      Justice System.”
      Please consider signing and pass it on.

  2. Sebastopol Jews and our Rabbi think if they do an Anti Semitic and racist play it is a joke and the think no one will use it against us. But this is America and anyone can buy a play and use it anyway they want. Plus we don’t children play with matches why do adult think they can with out getting burned.

    1. You are a courageous person to put your phone number on the Internet. Should Sandra take up your offer, I would try to assist in any way I could (Jamie could locate me).

  3. I’m just so grateful he Glazov Gang is recognizing Sandra Solomon for her personal situation and all that she is doing to wake up Canadians to the dangers of Islam, I worry about her but I feel now she’s connected to those who are committed to the same fight. I thank God for that and pray he keeps her and those like her safe.

  4. I do not give a manure on what those morons thinks. Just express your thoughts on this insane demonic cult which is a plaque in this world for 14 centuries. The history is the best evidence what this inhumane and ‘a-religion’ stands for.
    Everyday at every corner there is talk exclusively about this crazy islam. And this is just the beginning.

  5. I am immensely impressed with people like Sandra Solomon. What is it that endows them with the independence of mind to leave that supremacist, tyrannical cult called Islam when all of their formative influences bought into the ideology and directed them down the same path? Even courageous people of good will, like Shireen Qudosi, cannot break from the stranglehold of that totalitarian movement even though it does not suit them well.

    Perhaps my estimation for people like Sandra lies in the fact that I have little confidence that had I been subject to influence they were, that I would have escaped: it would be so easy , in pursuit of worldly goals, to put ones own doubts aside and “get with the program”. People like Sandra not only do not “get with the program”, but they actively seek to thwart it.

    Fans of GG probably know that another name who failed to embrace the reigning orthodoxy, and even acted to oppose it, was Yuri Glazov.

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