“Collective Munchausen” Around Trump — Glazov Gang

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This new special edition of The Glazov Gang features Dr. Gad Saad, the host of The Saad Truth.

Dr. Saad discussed “Collective Munchausen” Around Trump, unveiling a morbid psychological disorder that has infected an entire cult.

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And make sure to watch John Guandolo, a former FBI agent, focus on McMaster’s Firing of Higgins: Crippling America in the Face of Jihad, where he reveals how the National Security Adviser is purging the heroes who gauge the urgency of making a real threat assessment:

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2 thoughts on ““Collective Munchausen” Around Trump — Glazov Gang”

  1. The actual reason for this phenomenon is the simple and obvious fact that these people are BRAINWASHED from the moment they are able to begin to understand speech! The constant lessons in HATE for all those who do not follow the EVIL CULT known as ISLAM, infects the child with a mind altering psychological disease that destroys the victims ability to THINK for themselves! This practice is applied over and over again until the entire population of an ISLAMIC country is virtually HYPNOTIZED into a warped sense of RIGHT and WRONG !!!

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