Anni Cyrus: Sharia Hunting the Survivor to the West

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On this new special edition of The Glazov Gang, we are running a stirring speech that our very own Anni Cyrus recently delivered in Omaha, Nebraska, for the Global Faith Institute and 88 Tactical.

Anni focuses on Sharia Hunting the Survivor to the West, exposing the horrifying and sadistic reach of Islam.

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And make sure to watch Anni discuss The Solution to Stop Islam, where she unveils a powerful and humanistic plan:

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2 thoughts on “Anni Cyrus: Sharia Hunting the Survivor to the West”

  1. Don’t delay that movement-just get Islam back to the native country-to kill this criminal organization called Islam will be a task nobody in the western territories even have a chance to manage. But it can be isolated in another part of the world.
    But the question is, to many western countries leder do not know anything about Islam and still let it’s followers arrive with the result we have seen all to well. Another problem appear in some countries, they give Muslims activists positions
    in Governments organization-offices where they start to work for integrate Islam from the backdoor….To many people talking about ”Human rights” in the same time they mention Muslims movements, but nobody mention the human rights for the non-muslims-the victims of Islam…….

  2. Very powerful presentations by a very brave woman. Understanding what’s really in the Quran and Sunna, not the sugar coated verses that the apologists want us to swallow, is the key to exposing this barbaric ideology.

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