Glazov Video: United in Hate – The Left’s Romance With Jihad

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In this new edition of The Glazov Gang, we are running a stirring speech that our very own Jamie Glazov delivered at a recent American Freedom Alliance conference in Los Angeles.

Jamie focused on United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Jihad, reflecting on how: “I thought we escaped the Soviet Union. But the Soviet Union came to us.

Don’t miss it!

And make sure to watch Jamie discuss Mattel’s Hijab-Wearing Enslaved Barbie, where he unveils how America’s toy company is normalizing vicious savagery against women and girls:

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18 thoughts on “Glazov Video: United in Hate – The Left’s Romance With Jihad”

  1. Who would know better of loose slates except someone who knows all about “loose slates” like yourself.
    Forgot to take your meds, did you?! Apparently. Thanks for the heads up on your impairment.

  2. George robinso,you’re a blind,deaf moron! Please watch a few videos from Yuri Bezmenov,to learn something improtant.

      1. Well that sounds nice, but there is also another dimension to what is happening. This is also not about Muslims, as I have said before, but about Islam. In the U.S. there is no teaching of hatred of Muslim people, nor should there be. But the truth is not allowed to be told about Islam, which there should be, and which is what we are fighting for. After you read “United in Hate” you need to get “Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t.” Give it a careful and honest read.

  3. Hi George, that shows a very beautiful side of you to accept people on an individual basis. To be sure, there are wonderful people everywhere — and there are many peaceful and good people who go by the label of “Muslim.” I know many of them and many of them are my friends. They include people who help me with my show. But while you might not be interested in Islam, Islam is very interested in you. Communism and Nazism mattered. So does Islam, especially when Jihadists follow its orders.

    1. While you may not have been bothered, it “bothered” millions of people, as Islam does. Reflect a bit on way Saipov was screaming “Allahu Akbar” while killing Americans in the recent Halloween Massacre. Hopefully you know what the origins of that phrase are — and what that phrase means in the Islamic Supremacist context.

  4. Hi George, thanks for contributing:

    “Most of the wars and conflicts” the USA has been in since 1945 have not been against Muslim countries, nor did the U.S. “start” them. You would have to specifically name these wars and conflicts.

    The U.S. did liberate Iraq from Saddam and Afghanistan from the Taliban, those were barbaric ruthless regimes that tortured their Muslim populations. The U.S. also helped Afghanistan to get the Soviet Union out in the 1980s. And Bill Clinton’s bombings in Kosovo in the late 1990s was on the side of Muslims against the Serbs.

    Chaplains bless soldiers simply to bless them to keep them safe and to safeguard their souls, this is not a Christian promotion and justification of war. This is why I suggested for you to read Spencer’s book as you keep making this mistake. Islam mandates warfare against unbelievers, Christianity teaches love of unbelievers.

      1. I think we are going in circles. I know about the wars in the links. Again, statistically it does not add up, and again, the U.S. was helping Muslims in the wars involved. Again, a Christian nation and person might do something that is un-Christian. There is also such a thing as a just war, such as the war against Hitler. It is interesting that you reveal a hatred of Christians and Christianity. Have you read the New Testament and the Qur’an?

        1. It is very sad you had the New Testament “rammed down” your throat. This is not the way Jesus should be introduced to children and it tragically turns people off of the message and the truth. I am sorry this was how you were raised. Is there a chance you can one day see that the people who did this to you made a mistake — and do you think you can open your heart up to our Savior?

  5. George Robinson: “I could also comment that American military might “bothers”millions of Muslims across the world”

    More than 90 % of muslims since 1945 have been killed by muslims …

    Muslims have been killing Muslims for centuries in the name of Allah …

    To be honest, Islam did not wait for the United States to become a mortifying ideological machine.

    Islam did not wait for the United States to be bothered

    And the list of genocide committed in the name of Allah during the 20th century is quite impressive …

    Islam is the religion that has the most masacred in the history of religions, until today.

    And Islam during 1400 years attempted to invade Europe, from the south, the east and the Mediterranean sea.

    And for centuries Islam enslaved white Europeans.

    The wars of piracy in the Mediterranean Sea lasted centuries.

    “Americans are very easily brainwashed”

    You seem to me to be well brainwashed too …

    1. George Robinson, you wrote this: ““Americans are quite hateful pieces of excrement””

      I think you are the hateful one here …

    2. George Robinson, you wrote: “Thats true I did write……..““Americans are quite hateful pieces of excrement””

      ““Americans are quite hateful pieces of excrement””

      ““Americans are quite hateful pieces of excrement””

      In fact you have strictly no valid arguments other than hatred.

      It is question here about the criticism of Islam which is totally legitimate and you are talking about the United States and in extremely insulting and violent terms.

      You are off topic.

      You make me think of those people who, when you tell them about the horrors committed by Islam, tell you that Christianity too has committed horrors. While the question is not to make a comparative study between Islam and Christianity.

      And if this study were done it is clear that in all ways Islam is a “religion” that has more exterminated than Christianity, that has been much more intolerant.

      About the conquest of India by Islam, Will Durant, a specialist in the history of civilizations, speaks of it as the darkest page in the history of humanity, I do not speak of the conquest of North Africa , a total horror,

      Nor of all that Islam has done to black Africans, 80% of these black slaves have totally disappeared, they had strictly no descendants. There was clearly a genocidal, exterminating will.

      And where Christianity is not in the occultation, Islam is in the middle of all the occultations.

      The United States has not committed the tenth of the horrors that have been committed by Islam from the 7th century to today.

      But that does not stop you, as we talk about Islam, that the question is not the United States, to spit out your anti-American hatred.

      You come here to do your little anti-American sham propaganda and you accuse the others of doing propaganda. It’s still funny an pathetic.

    3. George Robinson, you wrote “Certainly upset your apple cart didnt I……….at least you have some guts to argue the points I make………”

      So you are here to upset people … in addition to being an anti-american moron you are a kind of pervert.

      Instead of trying to piss off people, find valid arguments, apart from your little anti-American shit propaganda, to start a real adult discussion, adult that you do not seem to be.

      Tell yourself also that this is not a moron of your kind that will upset me …

      It’s just not my habit to let bastards tell bullshit on my friends’ websites.

  6. George Robinson: “Here in Sweden we have many thousands of new muslims from war torn MENA countries, and I can assure you they are really really fine people, so very grateful ”

    But what are you talking about with them? Rain and good weather? Because even Hitler was nice when we talked with him about the rain and the good weather?

    Did you ask them why Christians were so persecuted in the land of Islam and why 1 million of Jews had to leave the Arab countries during the second half of the 20th century, why the Arab League has programmed the departure of these Jews just after the Arabs had lost the first Arab-Israeli war they had provoked?

    why homosexuals are so persecuted in islamic country?

    And why has Islam rejected the universal declaration of human rights and why it has not yet abolished slavery, the abolition that Christians were the first to theorize?

    Did you ask them why their ancestors had castrated African black slaves and why there are still slaves in some Muslim countries?

    Did You ?

    1. “Americans are quite hateful pieces of excrement”

      Really ? What hateful comment and one could imagine racist. And no one here has talked about Muslims in these terms

      And in America the muslims are not persecuted, they are not considered second-class citizens

      Do you know haw many christinas have been killed, persecuted in recent years by muslims ? Do you know that we are talking about the genocide of Eastern Christians ?

      “and many other EU nations treated them like slaves”

      Muslims are enslaved in Western countries?

      HA HA HA ! You more affected than I thought.

      I speak to you of all this because many Muslims are in the occultation … For them Islam is the religion of the “Right Middle” … All the abomination that this religion made during 1400 years and continues to commit does not interest them.

      And when you talk about all these horrors, we call you Islamophobic.

      It’s interesting you do not think?

      Have you asked them why on the first page of the Koran the Jews are the ones who have incurred the wrath of Allah and the Christians are the lost ?

      Why are there verses and texts that explicitly call for persecution, killing the Jews and the Christians, non-Muslims and apostates ?

      Do you know that the laws, the constitution here in Europ would allow us to ban the Koran because of that ?

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