Glazov Moment: Most Pathetic Moment in Peterson vs. Newman Debate

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In this new edition of the Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie shares the Most Pathetic Moment in Peterson vs. Newman Debate, unveiling a pitiful leftist who has no idea what her own ideology is — or the cancer it spawns.

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And make sure to watch Jamie’s interview with Dr. Peterson on Non-Traditional Gender Pronouns and the dire consequences of language tyranny:

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5 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Most Pathetic Moment in Peterson vs. Newman Debate”

  1. She isn’t different from other western leftists. Their dominance is identical to the ones I know from my youth and that is alarming. They are really not knowledgeable in the ideology, or deny its true idea. Also, for many is hard to imagine something they haven’t experienced. People understand poverty but not being enslaved by the regime, which is more painful than poverty. At least to me. I didn’t live in poverty and still I risked my life for freedom.

  2. Dear Patriots,
    I am a persecuted Hindu from India.The Mohammedans and the Marxists– are partners in bed for the same ideology of Totalitarianism.Both want to suppress the voice of the dissidents and want to enjoy the freedom of speech for them only.
    So I urge to all Westerners to raise voice against both these evils of the earth. So we need to be united across the globe to protect our mother earth from the monsters pouncing upon us with their unspeakable tyranny and terror.

  3. When a social marxist billionare and his family seem can impact the world so dangerously, why can’t we democratically just say NO to their meddling via NGOs?? This should be a priority!

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