Warner Moment: Kafir with a Capital K

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This new edition of the Glazov Gang presents the Dr. Bill Warner Moment with Dr. Bill Warner, the president of politicalislam.com.

Dr. Warner focused on Kafir with a Capital K, unveiling Islam’s secret dirty word.

Don’t miss it!

And make sure to watch Dr. Warner discuss How to Use the Elements of Islam to Vet Muslim Migrants, where he asks: Is the Koran wrong or right about wife-beating, sexual slavery, killing unbelievers and political assassinations?

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5 thoughts on “Warner Moment: Kafir with a Capital K”

    1. chris,
      True there are several groups that use derogatory terms for Christians yet it’s the Muslims who use terror against Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims. Muslims have committed over 30 thousand acts of terror since 9/11 world wide, which far exceeds any other terrorist groups.

  1. Suggestion for a NAME of an organization for all who will suffer under Islam … how about the name … “KAFIRS UNITED” ???

    Or how about “THE UNITED KAFIRS of the WORLD”???

    UKW ?

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