Glazov Gang: Wendy Mesley’s Pathetic Jordan Peterson Interview

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This new edition of The Jamie Glazov Moment  features Jamie discussing Wendy Mesley’s Pathetic Jordan Peterson Interview, where he unveils how the CBC’s leftist foot soldier embarrasses herself while trying to bait the author of 12 Rules for Life.

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And make sure to watch Dr. Peterson focus on Non-Traditional Gender Pronouns and reveal the dire consequences of language tyranny:

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10 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Wendy Mesley’s Pathetic Jordan Peterson Interview”

  1. Wendy Mesley is like a person who DOESN’T READ a book, has no clue about the meaning of the book and then FOCUSSES on MOLE or WART and then makes that the ISSUE.

    She is in effect like the Stalinists. Stalin accused EVERYONE of being a FASCIST. Get it?

  2. “Gotcha journalism” is a pejorative term used by media critics to describe interviewing methods that appear designed to entrap interviewees into making statements that are damaging or discreditable to their cause, character, integrity, or reputation. The term is rooted in an assertion that the interviewer may be supporting a hidden agenda, and aims to make film or sound recordings of the interviewee which may be selectively edited, compiled, and broadcast or published in order to intentionally show the subject in an unfavorable light.
    Gotcha journalism is often designed to keep the interviewee on the defensive by, for example, being required to explain some of their own statements taken out of context thus effectively preventing the interviewee from clearly presenting their position. The intent of gotcha journalism is always premeditated and used to defame or discredit the interviewees by portraying them as self-contradictory, malevolent, unqualified or immoral.

    1. The CBC is sick and crooked 24/7 liberal propoganda machine using the canadian taxpayers own money to do it. This is so wrong and crooked. I sent them a letter complaining 25 years ago and they probably just threw it in garbage. Why this has been allowed to go on for decades. Guess canadians are too quiet and compromizing and apologizing to go anything, Yes and it is communist type regime at CBC. facading as a national broadcasting corp.

  3. Thank you! Excellent analyze, it is so so true what you are describing about the left, their mission to destroy someone who can improve the life of others. Also their obligation to follow the path of their ideology, and come back very proudly after having destroy someone, so accurate!

  4. Thanks for giving this information on Wendy Mesley at CBC. Terrible how she treated Dr. Jordan Peterson. I will contact my MP about this and send CBC a letter but would it do any good. Dr. Jordan Peterson is a hero to me on front lines sticking up for free speech. Hope he knows it and gets millions giving him support. He’s a gem and a beautiful human being.

  5. Do you think anyone even cares what Wendy Mesley says? I don’t know anyone who even watches CBC. This leftist propaganda tool of Justin Trudeau runs defence for this fool and his commie cronies at Canadian taxpayer expense. So I guess in order to keep their jobs they have to attack all opposition to the leftist agenda. If not for our tax money not even the 12 viewers of CBC would tune in for this nonsense. They are as devoid of intelligence as Trudeau is. People can see the sham of this attack journalism.

  6. The latest from Wendy Mesley March l8 of CBC interviewing Cathy Griffin who has retracted her apology for severed head of Trump showing and is going now quite entitled and arrogantly going to tour Canada and other countries and probably Trump bashing as so called comedian. Leftist CBC likes these type of people it shows Wendy Mesley again goes to another low in ethics and morals.

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