Glazov Moment: Facebook Bans Me For Reporting Muslim’s Threat

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Facebook Bans Me For Reporting Muslim’s Threat, reflecting on how threatening to break a kafir’s mouth is ok — and that it’s the kafir’s reporting of the threat that makes the community unsafe. (See the news story on this HERE and Bosch Fawstin’s illustration on it HERE).

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One thought on “Glazov Moment: Facebook Bans Me For Reporting Muslim’s Threat”

  1. You must sue Facebook. Freedom of speech is the most important part of democracy. We must keep going to court until we expose these hypocrites and regain our freedom. Never give up until these hateful people acknowledge the facts and not give in to such sick behaviors. By their own twisted moral standards they do not deserve to win against freedom.

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