Glazov Gang: Tommy Robinson – “If They Murdered Me”

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Tommy Robinson, the prominent anti-Sharia activist in the UK who is the author of his memoir, Enemy of the State.

Tommy discusses “If They Murdered Me,” exposing how the UK authorities deliberately put him in harm’s way.

[As we all know, Tommy has just been thrown into UK jail in a horrifyingly totalitarian manner Help him by visiting his website,, and by also going to Rebel Media, which has nobly taken up his cause.]

Don’t miss this new Glazov Gang edition:

And make sure to watch our special 2-part-series with Tommy, from which the above clip is taken.

In Part I, Tommy discussed his new memoir and his continuing fight against the Islamization of his country. He talked about his opposition to all forms of racism and the slanders against him, the British authorities’ persecution of him for being a British patriot, the vicious Islamic assault on his nation and the mass denial about it, and much more.

In Part II,  Tommy focused on Rotting in Solitary, sharing the excruciating ordeal he has endured in the UK prison system:

Part I:

Part II:

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3 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Tommy Robinson – “If They Murdered Me””

  1. Here a video where Tommy is going to meet someone who wanted him to be killed, informative …

    “Tommy Robinson confronts Twitter troll”:

    1. We have the same problem here in the USA, lots of uninformed people carrying water for Muslims and when you ask them questions about Islam you get the ‘deer in the head lights’ look. God help us.

  2. Nothing daunts this brave man. A man of honour. The snivelling politicos leave the putrid stench of cowardice in their wake that cannot be masked.

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