Glazov Gang: Is Trump or the Left Separating Families?

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Will Johnson, the founder and president of

Will asks: Is Trump or the Left Separating Families? and he then unveils progressives’ heart of darkness.

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And make sure to watch Will and Jermain Botsio, the founder of Conservative Nation, discuss Henry Davis’ video, in which Davis proclaims: “I Ain’t Never Been a Mo–f–in Slave!” — and Will and Jermain reflect on how leftists are in panic mode as American blacks flee the Democratic plantation:

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4 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Is Trump or the Left Separating Families?”

      1. Yes especially among democrats. They have a tenuous hold on reality and no concept of fact based reasoning…only prejudices and cliches’ are the foundation for their hatreds.

  1. Excellent interview… Let me expand with LAW and history I think shuts everyone up –

    1) 1791 – Article 1, Section 4, Clause 8 – “Congress shall decide rules of naturalization” – (Trump is making them do their job)

    2) 1868, 14A Citizenship clause to make Black people US Citzens had to define what makes a citizen, “A Citizen” and what was agreed to was two words (a) Allegiance to the US Government and (b) Jurisdiction. Jurisdiction has NOTHING to do with geography.. It has to do with WHO HAS jurisdiction over their people – For example, if your house burns down, and you come stay with me, its my house but YOU HAVE Jurisdiction over your kids, not me…
    So important was this issue that when it came to the INDIANS, congress decided to leave them off because they did NOT feel they would be alleigent to the US Govt. so they left them off until 1923….ending this debate, Sen Howard wrote:
    “This clause, OF COURSE, will NOT apply to Children of Aliens, Foreigners, children of ambassadors, but every other class of person” –

    1993 – Reno vs Flores – This was the case that the SCOTUS stated that if one declares asylum and DID NOT come to a “port of entry” (Could be the US Embassy in their OWN country) but NOT running across the boarder means, the children WILL BE separated (detained) for a min. of 20 days until they are put out of the country OR – child goes into a Forster home until the parents case is processed…

    You can find me on Twitter, (wiseguy958) Deplorable Deangelo…

    Trump is heaven sent.

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