Standoff: Tylon Wilson vs. Will Johnson on Trump

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This new edition of Glazov Gang Standoff features Tylon Wilson,
a police officer and registered Democrat and Will Johnson, the founder and president of

Tylon and Will went toe-to-toe on Is Trump Good for America — and for Black America?

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4 thoughts on “Standoff: Tylon Wilson vs. Will Johnson on Trump”

  1. Tylon was so uninformed but did seem like a nice fellow, probably because he has to interact with so many different types of folks in his job. Obviously, he has not done much research and study of issues based on happenings in the Country. He does not realize Trump is President of all Americans and not just the few who he excepts as worthy. Good or bad, right or left, commie or far right…he is President to all if living in America. We all live under American standards of behavior or break laws and go to jail.

  2. And this is where we realize how much the Left Democrat is not based on facts but on feelings, impressions without really knowing what he is talking about. But he will still have a judgment.

    These people are going to sink. And if they do not sink, means they will have managed to impose a tyrannical regime to stay in power. What they are trying to do …

  3. Given if an opportunity comes up again, I’d love to hear what the Arizona Police Department instructs officers on Antifa/ vs. Patriot Groups if Patriots file and receive permits to protest.

    It appears this police officer has been trained to side with antifa via our agencies.

    These stand down orders siding with Antifa are obvious. Don’t think this officer would be willing to speak on this issue but this issue is the Hussein Legacy.

    If this officer were asked if he has seen or been trained by Imams referred to by CAIR, once again he may not be forthright but that is a fact based on former FBI Agent John Guandolo.

    These serious issues must be highlighted, especially after this weekend all across this nation with protest funded by Soros.

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