Glazov Moment: Linda Sarsour’s Brother and Jew-Hate

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In light of the breaking news that the father of the New Mexico Islamist compound leader is Linda Sarsour’s “mentor”The Glazov Gang has deemed it important to bring attention to the forgotten story of Linda Sarsour’s Brother and Jew-Hate.  In this Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie asks: Why is Sarsour not confronted about her brother’s anti-Semitism?

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And make sure to watch Jamie discuss Linda Sarsour Needs to Apologize for the Halloween Massacre, where Jamie asks: What if a person prevented the NYPD from doing its job — and it led to the murder of innocents?

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3 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Linda Sarsour’s Brother and Jew-Hate”

  1. Anyone who is unaware of the normative Jew hatred among Muslims should attend one of the Al Quds Day rallies. They will be shocked at how much hatred there is at these events. If the mob were handed weapons, one has the impression that they would commit a genocide that very same day.

  2. Because of the media double standard, we can be assured that conservatives will continue to be maligned and leftists will get a free pass. It is why I don’t read newspapers like the Washington Post anymore. Frankly their so called reporting is sickening and disgusting and hate-filled. Somehow conservatives need a major mainstream voice in the field of journalism to offset these slimeballs. The Wall Street Journal is close to providing that voice but is focused on economic issues not social ones. These social issues (Jew hatred and the like) will break this country over the next 20 years if we continue to let the left wing media lie and brainwash a population that, frankly, is too focused on their mobile phones to deal with human morality. Each succeeding generation seems to be less well educated in real life problems and more concentrated on “me first”. Our Christian churches are not helping to bring clarity about these social issues but instead seem inclined to accept any new idea of the left as OK and good for society and the church. SAD.

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