Glazov Moment: Hijab and Oppressive Cultural Appropriation!

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Hijab and Oppressive Cultural Appropriation!, and he notes: And the PC police thought Kylie Jenner wearing cornrows was a grave injustice!

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3 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Hijab and Oppressive Cultural Appropriation!”

  1. Every normal person is shocked by the New Zealand massacre.

    But those who are shocked by this must also be shocked by all non-Muslims and Muslims being slaughtered every year by Muslims.

    Hundreds and hundreds of deaths every year, hundreds and hundreds of people oppressed, all these women victims of segregation, harassment in the land of Islam by Islam …

    All these Christians massacred by Muslims.

    All these Israelis Jews, non-Jewish Israelis, who were killed, mutilated because of Arab Mahometan Palestinian violence …

    All these Arabs who are tortured by Palestinianism, all these children indoctrinated with anti-Zionist hatred whose lives are lost because of the Mahometan stupidity.

    All these daily hate calls in the Muslim world.

    Every day these Muslim clerics who call to fight the Jews, the West, the Christians, the United States, Israel.

    Launching daily calls for hatred that generate tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims, which cause deaths.

    Many who are shocked by the New Zealand massacre do not seem to be shocked by the daily Mohammedan violence.

    Every day Muslims oppress, kill, massacre, torture, indoctrinate.

  2. Excellence is stronger than mediocrity, which is why when mediocrity takes power, it becomes the worst enemy of excellence.

    Stay strong Jamie

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