Anne Marie Waters Moment: Islam’s Cruel Animal Slaughter in the U.K.

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In this new Anne Marie Waters Moment, Anne Marie discusses Islam’s Cruel Animal Slaughter in the U.K., unveiling the sadistic and brutal non-stun methods such as Halal.

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Part III: “Nothing to do with Islam.”

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5 thoughts on “Anne Marie Waters Moment: Islam’s Cruel Animal Slaughter in the U.K.”

    1. Your BLIND, they have slaughter houses in Eastern Market in Detroit. They’ve been there for years.

    2. A bit difficult to vote them out when practically everyone standing for parliament supports the islamification of the western world.

  1. As I commented on YouTube as 46Magars, this is part of the Islamic culture that the UK authorities allowed Muslims impose in Western Countries. Unfortunately , we started seeing this horror in USA. I live in a little city in NC, and driving by the so called main street, I saw a trailer on the parking space of a gas station. Outside the trailer beside middle eastern drawing reads the big sign Halal food. I didn’t stop because my schedule, but I will. I can assure that the gas station is operated by a Muslim Middle Eastern, who has a franchise. I don’t know is legal use the space for propagandizing this horrendous thing, as part of other equal or more horrendous of the Islam.
    The West is in bad shape because our pusillanimous approach.
    Today, I found out the EEOC sued Greyhound Bus Co. For uniform dispute. The news appeared on Judicial Watch . This commission spoke representing the government and the judge appointed by Obama ,ruled in favor of the woman ,who “according to her “religion”has ro wear whatever she names her clothes. These Muslims are using our own system to impose the Islam to us. Official action needed. Maybe the Crusades of XXI CENTURY?! People can call me whatever they want; our Democracy is more important than name calling.

  2. People tend to get confused when they speak about the Bible and Christianity. In a way one can say Christianity came from the Bible but more specifically Christianity came from the New Testament-(Jesus) . Islam on the other hand came from the Old Testament-and Mohammed took it back centuries and made it a cruder more primitive backwards and oppressive version -not even embraced by the most conservative Jews. Just like Ms. Waters says above one needs to understand the simple but vast contrast between the teachings and behavior of Jesus and Mohammed to understand the treat Islam poses to every human being on earth (including Muslims who might dare to think for themselves-“infidels-“)
    When one see those differences it will be hard to understand how the world has tolerated those teachings and practices (Islam) for so long and how so many otherwise sophisticated and well educated Muslims can even associate themselves with it.
    Can some one explain that?

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