Maoist Unisex Clothing Enforced in U.K.

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[Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons.]

The following article is written by Jamie Glazov:

Demonstrations have recently erupted at Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex (U.K.), where parents and pupils are protesting a new school policy that mandates gender neutral uniforms for students. Girls who now show up to school in skirts are sent home to change into trousers. If they refuse to change and try to enter the school, police are called. The new rules are, of course, a product of the Left’s agenda — especially in regards to its totalitarian “transgender” movement.

The new policy at Priory School is, naturally, being camouflaged with the excuse that the objective is to make transgender students feel more comfortable — and to also have an environment more conducive to “learning and teaching.” But it’s obvious what’s really going on: the Left is waging its traditional war on gender differences, which it believes are socially constructed by the evil white-supremacist capitalist power structures.

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