Gary Saul Morson Video: Suicide of the Russian Liberals

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[Read Dr. Gary Saul Morson’s articles at The New Criterion: HERE.]

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Dr. Gary Saul Morson, the Lawrence B. Dumas Professor of the Arts and Humanities at Northwestern University.  He is an expert in Russian literature and author of many books, including  Anna Karenina in Our Time. Dr. Morson teaches Anna Karenina in a course that has enrolled 500 students — the largest Slavic Language class offered in America.

Dr. Gary Saul Morson discusses Suicide of the Russian Liberals, offering his Reflections on a Strange Political Hypnosis.

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[Read Dr. Gary Saul Morson’s articles at First Things: HERE.]

2 thoughts on “Gary Saul Morson Video: Suicide of the Russian Liberals”

  1. Thank you so much for this, Jamie. It is a piece of the puzzle. And the pieces fit together brilliantly.

    I did not know of this terrorist movement – another intelligentsia movement – like the anti-English movement, largely from the French-speaking Quebec intelligentsia in the 1960s and on. And eureka, most of them came from a strongly strictly Catholic background,repudiated that and became converts to Separatism (belief in the need to destroy Canada).

    I don’t need to speak of BLM and Antifa, as well as the millions of university Snowflake Marxist haters.

    Thank you so much!!

    I have heard, over and over, of the repressive Tsars. I also know, from Solhzenitzyn, that the average number of people executed annually for anti-state activity was something like 17 – while Stalin later brought the number up to something like 10,000 per week. But I have never of a massive Russian terrorist movement (the intelligentsia) killing thousands of people in random violence. Who has been writing the history books???!!!

  2. Thank you Elsa. The intelligentsia did not, in general, participate in terror — but they enabled it. They helped bring the Bolshevik revolution into power and, therefore, empowered the Red Terror that followed.

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