Bill Warner Video: Free Speech in the 21st Century

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This video is brought to you by a Freedom Center-Glazov Gang collaboration on a new exclusive webinar series, Teach-Ins for the Twenty-First Century. Join us as some of the leading thinkers and pundits on the scene today discuss key issues related to the coronavirus pandemic and its ongoing implications, confronting the Left, the jihad terror threat, and much, much more. And make sure to ask your own questions of our experts.

Hosted by Anni Cyrus, producer of The Glazov Gang and Founder of Live Up To Freedom.

This new webinar features Bill Warner, the president of

Bill discusses: Free Speech in the 21st Century, asking: Are we seeing the literal collapse of our civilization?

Don’t miss it!

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5 thoughts on “Bill Warner Video: Free Speech in the 21st Century”

  1. bill warner needs to spend only an hour or two reading the quotes of Orwell to understand… until he does he will remain a silly old man….

    1. here is an example mr warner….
      People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf….george orwell
      U want “truth” on ure “intellectual level” dude??? U got it….

  2. Thanks Dr. Warner for your excellent talk. Our society is in a sad place today and that includes our church goers, who have seemingly fallen for the leftist diatribe of restricting free speech. The leftists have convinced too many that somehow our society should operate on emotions, not on logical thought processes. By limiting free speech we eliminate the process of logic and therefore are driven by emotional decision making, which is an absolutely terrible way to run anything.

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