YouTube Removes Glazov Gang’s Episode on Fauci’s Emails

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YouTube has once again removed one of our episodes – which they say violates their “community standards.”.

This time it is our recent program with Jeff Crouere, author of America’s Last Chance, on Fauci Emails, Lies & Alarm Bells, which reveals The sordid Covid cover-up – and the storm ahead. [Watch it HERE.]

See YouTube’s reprimand about our episode below:

YouTube then follows up  with the warning that if we have one more “strike” they will permanently remove our channel:
The first “strike” was our show with Pastor Greg Locke in which we discussed Covid, the lockdowns and the reality of Jesus Christ.

It remains a mystery what exactly was said in these two episodes that is false, but it is transparently clear that because The Glazov Gang is dedicated to exposing the Great Reset agenda, why YouTube finds it of the utmost importance to suffocate our voice – and the voice of our expert guests.

That explains why our interview with Dr. Carrie Madej on The Real Goals of The Great Reset, just magically disappeared from our YouTube channel without a word from YouTube to us.

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And make sure to watch our recent program – removed by YouTube – below:

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One thought on “YouTube Removes Glazov Gang’s Episode on Fauci’s Emails”

  1. Keep on keeping on, Jamie!! That was a terrific – and, indeed, enlightening! – episode with Jeff Crouere!! Fauci should not be allowed to move freely here in the USA!! He’s a greedy SOB who has not only endangered this country, but, indeed, the entire world!! At the very least, he needs to retire! Better yet, he needs to be FIRED already!!

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