Glazov Gang: Joe Biden is Sick

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Jeff Crouere, author of America’s Last Chance.

Jeff discusses Joe Biden is Sick, unveiling an administration putting a nation in dire jeopardy.

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And make sure to watch Jeff discuss Fauci Emails, Lies and Alarm Bells, where he reveals the sordid COVID-19 cover-up – and the storm ahead. [This episode was removed by YouTube].

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3 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Joe Biden is Sick”

  1. This gentleman is absolutely correct. Fauci has always been a fraud though. According to Dr. Judi Mikovits in “Plague”, Fauci delayed the release of info that could have saved people’s lives during the HIV epidemics.

  2. Biden has brain issues, he has had multiple attacks but even many years ago he was traitor and a liar! He is a criminal who has become wealthy betraying this country!

  3. The Democrats may have a real problem with replacing Biden even after he has reached a state of definite mental incompetency because waiting in the wings is an even more unqualified replacement: Kamala Harris. She has shown herself to be unable to deal with the migration problem, first with her refusal to even visit the U.S./Mexico border and second with her visit to Central America where she proved to be a jackass in her comments to the President of Guatemala about what was causing the problem in his country. Having done mission work in Guatemala for almost 30 years, I can tell you that climate change has nothing to do with the increase in illegal aliens from Guatemala. Is this a person we want leading the country? I can tell you that there are no Republicans politicians that I can think of who wouldn’t be more qualified than Harris. However, I can’t say the same about the Democrat possible replacements who might include such people as AOC and Pelosi. We have gotten ourselves into the worst kind of dilemma thanks to a stupid electorate that voted for Biden.

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