Glazov Gang: How the Deep State is Exploiting the Russia-Ukraine War

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Alex Newman, a senior editor for The New American. Follow him on Twitter: @alexnewman_jou.

Alex discusses how How the Deep State is Exploiting the Russia-Ukraine War, explaining Why the globalists want both sides to bleed.

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One thought on “Glazov Gang: How the Deep State is Exploiting the Russia-Ukraine War”

  1. I’d go further than saying Deep State is exploiting the war between Ukraine and Russia and suggest that the war is between Deep State and Russia and Deep State engineered the war on the ground in Ukraine, using it and its population as a sacrificial pawn as it were, or bear bait if you will and what it is exploiting is the spiritual war the Devil is waging in the hearts and minds of Russia and its leadership, Putin in particular. As to Putin while twenty years ago he did attempt to curry favour with Deep State by the 2nd George W term it was apparent he had realized he would always be treated condesceningly and went rogue, throwing down his Deputy Sheriff badge and looking for an arena where he could feel he was top dog, a dangerous ruthless person for sure and opposed to globalism for his own reasons.

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