Glazov Gang: Might Putin Push the Button?

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Clare Lopez, the founder of Lopez Liberty LLC.

Clare discusses Might Putin Push the Button?, analyzing What if a deranged tyrant is backed into a corner?

Don’t miss it.

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[2] Trevor Loudon: Nazis in Ukraine Militias? — The facts and the myths.

[3] Trevor Loudon: Top 10 Facts About the Russia-Ukraine War. The smoke and mirrors – and the deadly stakes.

[4] Jeff Nyquist: Did Putin Miscalculate in Ukraine? — A tyrant’s mistake.

[5] Jeff Nyquist: Stockholm Syndrome With PutinA diagnosis of the American conservatives who are inflicted by it. 

[6] Jeff Nyquist: Russia’s Lies About UkraineWhy many American conservatives are buying and spreading them.

[7] Alex Newman: Ukraine and American BetrayalA long, tragic and malicious leftist tradition.

[8] Alex Newman: How the Deep State is Exploiting the Russia-Ukraine War – Why the globalists want both sides to bleed:

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