Glazov Gang: The Physical Appearance of Pro-Abortion Activists

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This new episode of The Glazov Gang features Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic owner who is now the CEO of The Heidi Group.

Jamie asks Carol about The Physical Appearance of Pro-Abortion Activists and they both discuss the taboo reality — and its spiritual roots.

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And make sure to watch Carol discuss Fighting for Moms – and Their Unborn Babies, sharing her remarkable story of being a former abortion clinic owner who is now on the front-lines of the fight for life. 

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4 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: The Physical Appearance of Pro-Abortion Activists”

  1. Thank you so much for this interview. This information needs to get out. There is definitely a spiritual war being waged in the world. I too have noticed the “ugliness” of the pro abortion side. The evil is in their eyes and manifested through their words and actions.
    Another negative side of the at home abortions is that those poor unborn lives often will be flushed down the toilet. Think about that the next time you turn on the faucet. Horrifying. I never thought evil would be so strong . Pray,pray and pray some more.

    1. I agree, Jamie, it was funny how you put it, but sad thinking any woman would feel this way! How could a woman not think murder was wrong? From the moment of conception that embryo has a soul and a destiny written by GOD. It was bad enough taking the baby’s life in the first or second trimester, people today, even doctors, want to murder the baby after its born! These are the same doctors who force their patients to take the jab, the snake venom jab! What happened to ” First do no harm?” I guess doctors have sold us out, just like our useless and/or evil politicians!

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