Glazov Gang: ‘Sleeper Cells’ Make Their Move On America’s Infrastructure

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Dr. Paul Cottrell of

Dr. Cottrell discusses ‘Sleeper Cells’ Make Their Move On America’s Infrastructure, reflecting on Train derailments, diminishing food supply, U.S. banks and the dollar weakeningand how the Deep State’s ‘play’ is obvious. 

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[1] Dr. Paul Cottrell: The Dangerous Questions Tucker Dared to Ask – The consequences of crossing the boundaries set by the Deep State.

[2] Dr. Paul Cottrell: The Bioweapon Cocktail in the Freezer – The nightmare on the horizon.

[3] Dr. Paul Cottrell: Bioweapons Programs and Airborne HIV – The globalist-made horror in the recipe jar.

[4] Leo Hohmann: Scientists Create Mice With ‘Two Dads’What could possibly go wrong?

[5] Dr. Naomi Wolf:  Covid Vax & Sexual Intercourse: The horror that Pfizer knew – and tried to hide.

[6] Dr. Naomi Wolf: Covid Vax & Personality Effect – “The light has gone out of their eyes.” 

[7] Dr. Naomi Wolf: What Pfizer Tried to Hide – One of the most shocking crimes in human history.

[8] Dr. Li-Meng Yan: ‘China’s Weaponization of Covid-19’ – China’s terrifying agenda in the ‘Pandemic’.

[9] Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: The Globalists’ Transhumanist Agenda.

[10] Dr. Carrie Madej: Horror – Covid ‘Vaccine’ Vials Under the Microscope.

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One thought on “Glazov Gang: ‘Sleeper Cells’ Make Their Move On America’s Infrastructure”

  1. Honestly, Jesus told us that perilous times will come. And, God said if He did not shorten those days no flesh would survive. But, He does shorten these days for the sake of His elect. It is written! Satan is behind the attack on humanity and God is permitting for judgment and to move people to believe in Him. Whoever doesn’t believe and obey God will perish, including the minds behind a lot of this.

    I saw an Illuminati recruitment video and the host said, “We use the Bible as a playbook.” Then he mentions that they will start destroying in the Middle East. There’s the agenda!

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