One thought on ““Tears For Kim Jong-Il” on The Jamie Glazov Show”

  1. Recently I have been keenly interested in Russian history and in fact last night read the entire Wikipedia history till 2 am. It just made me want to dig deeper for there is so much Americans are not taught about any Russian history. At least in my education it was not divulged. It makes me wonder how a society could be so swept up in a movement, but then I look at our country now and see it all happening and it frightens me deeply. I see a very similar pattern of behavior and we must be continually aware of the types of people we allow to influence our politics. I fear it is way to late when I read stories about the current infiltration of socialist policies so far entrenched in our current government and even the GOP way of thinking. I understand a little now about the guest speaker's discussion of the sense of schizophrenia of the people in Stalin's dictatorship where there was great fear of trusting anyone.

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