Dzhokhar’s Boat Manifesto — on The Glazov Gang

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boatThis week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by tv and movie star Morgan Brittany, provocateur Michael Chandler and the National Director of PolitiChicks, Ann-Marie Murrell.

The Gang discussed Dzhokhar’s Boat Manifesto. The dialogue occurred in Part II and focused on how a jihadist has explained that Allah made him do it — and how the media still can’t find a motive.

Part I focused on: When Scandals Rocked Obama’s World.

To watch both parts of the two part series, see below:

Part I:

Part II:

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One thought on “Dzhokhar’s Boat Manifesto — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. The Daily Telegraph has an article that is gitnetg near the truth but has a little way more to go. Ministers appear whimsically to be shifting from the multi-cultural society towards an integrated one. They are whistling in the dark if they think that will play well with the followers of Islam in our midst. Muslims are rooted in their faith and it governs the way they live. It is the only faith on Earth that persuades its followers to seek political power and impose a law sharia which shapes everyone’s style of life.For some years now, I have been close to events in Sudan, north and south, on behalf of this newspaper. I find the power of Khartoum awesome. It defies the world over Darfur and will continue to do so. It has reduced Sudan to ruin in an interminable civil war, the mainspring of which was Khartoum’s insistence on sharia for the Christian or animist south.That harsh aspect of Islam is no help at all to relationships here. We see an example of it in the death sentence handed down on a British subject, Mirza Tahir Hussain, in Pakistan that so concerns the Prince of Wales. That was the decision of a religious court. I say all this not in hostility to Muslims, but because, unless we get a clearer understanding of their religion, we shall find peaceful co-existence with the moderate majority (which is crucial) ever harder to attain….It is vain to say: “Well, if they come here, they must conform with British society and its easy ways.” Muslims will not do that. Their religion forbids it.—————————————-Its gitnetg better and better. Appeasement works. Atlast people are beginning to realise the folly, of allowing Muslims into the West. The author is gitnetg near the truth but has a little way more to go. The author proposes the idea, “perhaps we should be thinking in terms of a supreme council on which our principal religions, including Islam, would sit and try to resolve misunderstandings”. What an absurd idea. As far as Muslims are concerned all aspects of society are religio-political. His proposal would mean the dissolution of the Appeals Court and parliament, and its replacement by a ‘supreme council’. Britain will effectively become a theocratic nation.Still, the article merits some praise for raising the issue. Even the proposal is of some merit, as its very absurdity shows that something a bit more innovative is required.I think we need a year or so of more base appeasement before Islamic demands, and some unmentionables, before the pennies start dropping. This article also illustrates that Britain is not lost – not by a long way. Read the commentators in this article – most are proposing that Muslims have to find another place if they wish to be ‘devout’ Muslims. I also dont believe that Fjordman feels that Europe is ‘lost’. If he felt so, he would’nt bother writing.

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