John Kerry and Saudi Women Driving

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John Kerry and Prince Saud al-FaisalFor the Left, all cultures are equal, but some cultures are more equal than others.

For instance, in the world of the Left, the West never has a right to say what is right or wrong — when dealing with an adversary culture and regime, that is.

If it’s Israel, you can start shooting right away.

For example, when it comes to Israelis getting out of line and engaging in monstrous behavior like building houses and apartments on their own territory, they must be denounced immediately for that — and pressured relentlessly to desist from such unconscionable behavior.

When Israelis have the audacity to imprison Palestinian terrorists who have massacred Israeli innocent civilians, something has to be done fast. And that’s why, on April 24, 2013, Secretary of State John Kerry and the Obama administration demanded that Israel release a number of Palestinian terrorists from its prisons — to make the Palestinian Authority happy of course. (P.S.: The P.A. was not pressured to stop its mosques, schools and media outlets from teaching that Israel has no right to exist or that Jews are descended from apes and pigs.)

If Kerry were asked what he thinks of apartheid-era South Africa, which Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has compared Israel to, one just dares to presume that he would say it was a bad thing that blacks were considered second-class citizens — which of course it was. He would, in other words, apply a universal standard of human rights on South Africa and declare that a society that marginalizes and disempowers a certain group of people based on skin color is an inferior society and must civilize itself. And that would be a legitimate position.

But for a leftist, this attitude only applies, naturally, when one is dealing with cultures and regimes that are allied to the United States. If one is dealing with an adversary culture or religion, then that culture and religion automatically get a pass for all of their monstrosities.

And so, therefore, don’t hold your breath waiting to hear from John Kerry or Chuck Hagel – or from Obama and John Brennan — about their moral indignation about the Islamic-Arab slave trade of Black Africans going on to till this day in nations like Mauritania and Sudan. If you are a leftist, all of that doesn’t count or matter.

And so we arrive at quite an intriguing comment that Secretary of State John Kerry made on Monday in reference to Saudi gender apartheid, after meeting with Saudi King Abdullah to try to improve U.S.-Saudi relations:

When a reporter asked Kerry about whether Saudi women should be allowed to drive, Kerry responded that the debate was one “best left to Saudi Arabia.”

In other words, there is no universal standard of human rights when it comes to women’s rights, especially if we are dealing with Islam. So if a law arrived that said that Obama’s wife and two daughters were not allowed to drive, and that law was founded on Islamic theology, who are we to put up any resistance or make moralistic judgment calls? Right?

Yes, in the Left’s world, if women are being denied the right to an abortion in America, that is an outrage and must be condemned immediately. But if the genitals of young Muslim girls are being cut off with broken glass by the Islamic practice of female genital mutilation sanctioned by Islamic theology, and if Saudi girls are pushed back to their deaths into a blazing building by Saudi Arabia’s religious police because they are not Islamically covered, then that’s just other cultures practicing their own ways of life.

Who are we to judge?

And so, in Saudi society, when women are treated like they are less than animals – a misogynist practice inspired and sanctioned by Islamic theology – the Obama administration, due to its leftist idolatry, logically remains indifferent. Consequently, when dozens of courageous Saudi women protest for their right to drive by getting into their cars and driving — and risk vicious persecution for doing so – it is, according to John Kerry and the Left, none of our business, and not for us to take sides.

Interestingly enough, as TruthRevolt Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro reminds us: In 2011, Hillary Clinton condemned Israeli religious male soldiers leaving concerts at which women sang and the existence of gender-segregated buses in Israel — even though such buses exist only in ultra-religious communities. Shapiro crystallizes the leftist hypocrisy at play here:

“Lecturing a democracy like Israel is liberalism. Lecturing a sexist monarchy like Saudi Arabia is imperialism, according to the Obama administration.”

Shillman Fellow Daniel Greenfield, meanwhile, succinctly capsulizes the tragic and shameless place that America now finds itself in with the Left in charge:

“The nation that once stood up to Communism now boasts of a Secretary of State who can’t say whether women should be allowed to drive.”

Thus, we have it in a nutshell folks: All cultures are equal, but some cultures are more equal than others.

Get it straight: When Muslim girls are murdered in honor killings and disfigured in acid attacks, don’t be racist and judgmental about another benign way of life.

But when it comes to the Republican War on Women in America, and a woman finds herself purchasing a condom out-of-pocket, without the government’s funding, that’s when you get furious, indignant and judgmental — and scream about women’s rights!

The Left’s utopia is almost here, my friends. Be patient. Just give it a little bit more time.


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2 thoughts on “John Kerry and Saudi Women Driving”

  1. You know “left” means in Italian or Latin: sinistra. What word is stored therein: sinister. From this you can conclude that everything what is left, is dark and bad.

  2. What do you think of this view?:

    I think blacks are not any inherently inferior in any way to whites, whatsoever. They deserve exactly the same status in society as whites do. The founding fathers were totally wrongheaded when they claimed Blacks had some kind of mental or biological deficiency. That’s a vicious viewpoint that needs to die. It should’ve been left in the 18th and 19th centuries when the founders lived.

    With regard to Western atrocities, I condemn them. Bush was wrong-ass to blow the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan, slaughtering hundreds of thousands like cattle. I ALSO condemn the brutal FGM you describe, ongoing slave trades, etc. just as much. There are no morally unambiguous actors in the world. I support total feminism — which means women should not in any way or place ever occupy a socially subordinate position to men, patriarchal gender roles must be abolished and that applies worldwide (which is what I mean by “total” — total abolition of global patriarchy): be it the US or Saudi Arabia. Saudi treatment of women is disgusting and needs a real revolution over there (patriarchy at super levels), so I applaud Islamic feminism, which seeks to address this, *AND* at the same time, women need to be brought to full social equality with men in the US.

    For Saudi Arabia, they need to stop the acid bath. The people who do it should be sentenced to death and hung by the neck until cold. Here in the US, birth control should be readily available. With regard to the family structure, a woman, a man, or both should be able to work the same jobs and there should be no “gender pay gap”. There should DEFINITELY be no pre-judgment that a woman is likely less capable for a job than a man in lieu of any other facts about them, and worse, continuing judgment after facts are available. Though we probably don’t need the hangings here, there are quite a few rapists that should probably be put in jail for a very long time and subject to significant psychological work, and our culture of laughing at rape and “blaming the victim” is troublesome in its own way.

    Both. *AND*.

    With regards to “it’s their culture”, then I say your care has to come from somewhere other than a culture, somewhere deeper, like your heart. All the practices listed above cause objective, verifiable, lasting harm to the people in question. That’s the standard by which I say they should not be done. Not by the standard of some “culture” which is itself full of flaws and can be subjected to the same critiquing.

    The human rights standard is indeed to some extent culturally biased, insofar as it tilts toward Western-style “liberal democracy”, which may or may not be the best way of doing a government for every culture. And when dealing with the particular methods to eliminate some of these practices, it should focus more on the objective-harm-causing practice itself (like the acid bath, or FGM, or slave trades), and not on trying to Europeanize the culture in other ways (like thinking particularly European structures of government are the best and final, and there is nothing worthwhile to learn from others (and I don’t mean tyrant dictatorships, I am thinking more along the lines of the government systems used by many Indigenous people and precolonial peoples such as the Native Americans etc. They’re not perfect either but we could learn something from them.).). An acid bath attack goes against a human rights standard that can be rooted in the universal compassionate faculty found in every human being. That is, you can find this “human rights” standard simply by finding someone who has a kind heart that hasn’t been beat out of them by whatever society they are in.

    Where do you place that on your “political spectrum”, eh?

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