How Language Shapes Freedom and Tyranny — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Kai Chen, China’s Basketball Superstar and the author of One In A Billion: Journey Toward Freedom. He joined the Gang to discuss How Language Shapes Freedom and Tyranny, analyzing the links between linguistics and liberty. Kai also shared his journey out of the tyranny of communist China to the liberty of America. [Make sure to watch his video My Way.] He explained how the cult of Maoism remains till this day in China, how Obama has annihilated America as a moral leader in the world, and much, much more:

Don’t miss this week’s second BLOCKBUSTER episode with Monty Morton, a conservative entrepreneur and walking encyclopedia. He produced a Report Card For Obama. Don’t miss this riveting special episode where brilliant fact-filled analyses are bestowed and surprising grades are given for ObamaCare and the administration’s handling of the economy and foreign policy:

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