From Maoism and the Black Panthers to Conservatism — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang episode was joined by John Duffy, a film producer from the Bronx. He joined the Gang to discuss his journey from Maoism and venerating the Black Panthers to conservatism:

Don’t miss this week’s second episode with Nonie Darwish, a modern day freedom fighter and the author of The Devil We Don’t Know: The Dark Side of Revolutions in the Middle East.

She joined the Gang to discuss How Arabic Stifles Individualism and Psychological Growth:

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2 thoughts on “From Maoism and the Black Panthers to Conservatism — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. First, I want to say, I find the Glazov Gang’s episodes very interesting. I also thought that Jamie’s book was very interesting. I also appreciate how Jamie steers the interview to keep it interesting and on-point. I really liked listening to John Duffy’s talk today. I’m absolutely fed up with how the libs and the left whitewash all the murders and atrocity, whether it’s Cuba with Castro, Cambodia with Pol Pot or Mao. Here in the west they whine when one person gets beaten up, but when Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot kill MILLIONS, not a peep! Jamie, keep speaking out and having great guests, thank you for what you are doing.

  2. This is a fascinating discussion, how language can be used to limit personal growth. No Arabic word for “compromise”? Chaos in society, caused by chaos in the language. That explains a lot! Back in 2010, Nonie joined our DC Liberty XPO panel discussion “Triumph over Tyranny”. She is bright, determined and valiant.
    Lynne Roberts, President, Americans United for Freedom (a Dr. Alan Keyes initiative) and advisor to Frederick Douglass Republicans founder, K. Carl Smith (

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