‘Easy Meat’: Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs, Part II — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation. He continues to share his battle against “Muslim Rape Gangs in the U.K.” [To see Part I, click here]. This time he discusses his report on this horrifying phenomenon, ‘Easy Meat,’ and takes us “Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs, Part II”:

Don’t miss Frontpage’s second episode this week with Daniel Mael, a junior at Brandeis University and a reporter at TruthRevolt.org. He discusses “Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Brandeis and Double Standards” and calls out the leftist Gestapo on his campus:

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4 thoughts on “‘Easy Meat’: Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs, Part II — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. I do not like the sweeping condemnation of socialism I keep hearing. I am a third generation socialist, my paternal grandfather was a founding member of the Labour Movement. The left has always been the prime mover of advancement of the people, as opposed to the Right which has always been the mainstay and defender of the ruling classes and the status quo, and in todays world the business and commercial interests which rule us today. I admit that sometimes being a socialist places one in uncomfortable positions and I am sure that applies also to some on the Right.
    I think you have to admit that the Republican party is taking pretty much the same stance as the Democrats regarding the creeping power of the Islamics, ie. doing nothing. I have never heard a GOP politician criticise Islam either. So please do not allow yourself or your guests to freely condemn the left and imply that the right is somehow in the van of opposition to Islamisation

  2. I was in an argument with a man from Canaberry England on why us Americas are fixated on our guns an why we don’t want Peir Morgan here he didn’t get the fact of terrany an I pointed out the fact of how the muslims are taking over there society through there religion an the beheading right on there streets now I have more ammo thanks.

  3. re; Bill’s comment on Socialism as a mover of advancement.

    We get variations of this theme from all parts of the political spectrum in the States. Setting aside cherry-picking, and the good deeds of individuals, always dare them to explain it. The only response they can have to your criticism of socialism is name-calling, denial, and fallacies such as the one Bill introduced. Socialism is just an ideology justifying the supremacy of some over others. The differences and distinctions are wholly ones of limitations.

    For example, in the west socialism is not nearly as brutal when the culture is Christian or Catholic, but merely explodes into periodic violence as it did in France and Germany. An apologist can point out this is better than Total Socialism as practiced in the USSR or Cambodia, but not quite as good say as the wonderful world of Cuba where the tourists bring back stories of happy slaves. This is a half-truth of horrific distortion.

    What the useful idiots don’t realize is that this is exactly like slavery. Slavery in the west was not as Total Evil as Africa or under the religion of peace or under Far East conditions. While this is true, and it fits into the argument of don’t blame freedom for slavery, etc, slavery in the west gets so much press because it was both totally evil and totally against Christianity and Judaism.

    Socialists on the other hand advance this argument not to defend some cultural principle: e.g. Don’t hate apfel strudel because Germany went insane for a dozen years. Rather socialists BLAME the HIJACKED society for the failure of their ideology.

    Consider a 9/11 analogy: Yes, Christian and Western values created skyscrapers and jets making 9/11 possible, but it was the ideology of the hijackers that caused the attack. When the passengers on the fourth plane realized what was happening, they intervened to thwart the hijackers ideology.

    Now the socialist view: Christian and western to blame for the hijacking. Had they not stolen the resources to create the skyscrapers and jets, there would have been no attack. The ideology of the hijackers had nothing to do with it, but the ideology of the plane builders and skyscraper contractors should be flushed down the toilet.

    Put in parable form: A socialist hijacks a plane, flies it into a donut shop killing all the passengers on the plane and all the patrons of the shop. He goes to the pearly gates and St. Peter asks him, ‘What were you thinking?’ And the socialist says, ‘I wanted to end world hunger, but the plane just wasn’t sustainable.’ Back on earth of course, the socialists would be trying to put the donut shop owner on trial, put the aircraft manufacturer out of business, and telling the rest of us we just need more socialism.

    We must tell socialists to get out of lives, out of government, out of our business, and out of our bedrooms. In fact, socialism should be just as legal as nuclear handguns in Chicago.

    Just sayin…

    1. Now regarding Bill’s fallacy about the so-called ‘Right’

      At first glance it makes sense, the Right or Conservatives are always trying to defend the status quo generally. This accusation often bears great weight and may even be absolutely true in some instances. The Republicans come to mind, as do Libertarians who defend some existing institutions because those fit their worldview.

      The fallacy is not with the fact of the matter. Rather, it’s irrelevant if the ‘Right’ is defending the status quo or not. It’s also irrelevant if the ‘Right’ is right, wrong, good, bad, legal or criminal, moral or immoral. Why?

      Because what the ‘Right’ is doing cannot justify the ideology of the ‘Left’ or ‘socialism.’ If socialism is the bathwater, it should be tossed. The baby should not be tossed. People, parties, and institutions of the Left or Right may or may not be involved at all! If a Leftist commits a good deed, he should be lauded. If a Right Winger commits a legal but immoral deed, he should be accountable.

      We on the Right are not offended by this because we accept both objective truth, and reality. Heck none of are perfect. The Left offends us though by claiming perfection is only one more victory away. All they have to do is reduce us another level and bam – utopia. Well, have at it. I’ll even be the victim. Shoot my brains out and try your utopia. It’s an easy call for me since there’s really nothing left but the cattle car ride anyway. But no matter how silent, stinky and wormy my dead body may be, the Leftist ideology will not work.

      Going back to what is the ‘Right.’

      Jamie may disagree – and I’d love his opinion – but I long ago realized that I was a Right-wing Nut Job due to a set of unforgivable sins:

      – I believe my lying eyes.
      – I don’t agree with the Leftist, and
      – After long experience, I’m always shocked the Left finds new ways to attack what is and promote what ain’t. (h/t to Al Capp there)

      Europeans I have worked with tend to define the ‘Right’ from the viewpoint of sports. To them ‘Right’ means their _________. Call it a class, a tribe, or a status, or just an allegiance to a formerly strong division of the community, the label is applied to groups and parties promoting their vision of the community on the most trivial level. If the ‘Right’ is actually defending successful cultural adaptions such as Common Law or Christian values or even the safety of a tolerant, liberal community enjoying prosperity and low taxes and crime rates, it’s just an accident.

      Also, either way, no matter what the ‘Right’ does, the ‘Left’ is using demonization and marginalization and denial to oppose the ‘Right’ and maintain the status quo. So, who’s really the ‘conservatives.’ After 200 years of Left-wing rule punctuated by continent-wide and global political, economic, cultural and physical disaster, one would think the ‘Left’ would throw in the towel. But they have too much power and they won’t give it up.

      Another factor in the ‘Right’ that has come to America is the insistence:
      – Any deed committed by government.
      – which is undeniably evil.
      – is ‘Right’
      I remember this clearly when Solzhenitsyn came to America. I was living in a screaming Liberal suburb with my father and sharing time in a cracker trailer park with my mother. One day the Soviets were Left-wing and Better than America in my father’s neighborhood. Then Mr. S. came to our town, and within days Stalin was conservative … and religious too! All of the sudden everyone knew he was a former seminarian, and to this day the myth persists of the ‘conservative’ Ussr. Naturally this made me ask questions and the vets in the trailer park told me it was a Leftist tactic to lie, lie, and lie. They pointed out that Hitler lied, and he was a socialist. I didn’t believe them, but I made the mistake of checking, and what do you know?

      Turns out Fascism is Mussolini’s term for socialism that’s not supposed to be Internationalist. Essentially, Mussolini’s idea was that socialism could be reformed/improved by being pro-local or ‘nationalistic.’ Sorry for butchering him, but that’s really the gist. So localized socialism for the people was supposed to be better than international socialism for the socialist elite. Sounds good in theory, but worked out poorly in practice.

      Since WW2 of course, the socialists have blamed ‘localization’ and the ‘people’ for the crimes of socialist governments. Never mind international socialism as in the Ussr seems to have managed to accrue to the benefit of Russian elites more than to global elites. And of course no tears for Russian peasants, since they had the benefit of working or slaving for elites who took the benefits while the other slaves just died.

      How can any of the definitions of ‘Right’ have anything to do with the American ‘Right?’

      The answer is ‘Yankee.’ It’s an insult derived from a Dutch slur. It means ‘John Cheese.’ Back in the day, New Englanders knew they would be called Yankee by the Dutch snobs of the day.

      So those of us who disagree with the Left are ‘Right.’ No principle, no nothing. I usually agree and I use the label myself, but it’s just an insult.

      I’m also stupid, ignorant, lazy, racist, bigoted, right-wing, conservative, religious fanatic, INSERT HERE AVERSION TO VIOLENT IDEOLOGY-ophobic, and so forth. I’m also crude, 12, and hyperbolic according to a recent post. I love these insults, it confirms I’m up against anti-human and anti-decent forces.

      So don’t let it bother you, if you can. Unfortunately, the Left has its ways. I’ve been investigated, gosh, about 14 times? I’m expecting to get swatted someday, but taking me away in a cattle car would only confirm my convictions. I understand if you prefer to remain anonymous, but I implore anyone reading this to learn more, record your story, and if you survive … don’t forget to double tap!

      Okay, that last sentence was just a joke, but seriously you might lose your job if you go pointing out the truth. Stay safe, and do what you can!

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